20 Strategic Ways To Make Money From 2012 Lagos International Trade Fair

ANOTHER International  Trade Fair is here again. It’s indeed a strategic time to make huge amount of  money within the shortest possible time.

The excitement is building up. The gate is about to be f lung opened to about 500,000 visitors waiting to grace the 2012 international Trade fair event  here in Lagos, Nigeria.

Are you a producer, manufacturer, or an  investor? Perhaps, you have been saving up since the year began, with great hope in your heart to enjoy discount sale offers . Then, get set for it. The Lagos international Trade fair will commence from  Friday 2 – 11 November, to 2012.

Just a week from now, Nigerians and Lagosians in particular will be trooping to attend the annual Lagos International trade fair. The 2012 Lagos International Trade Fair is usually put together by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Fair which is staged with the support and co-operation of the Federal and the State Governments covers all aspects of business and economic activities in Nigeria. It offers a unique exposition for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and users of a wide range of goods and services as well as opportunities for investment and trade promotion.

This year’s fair will take place at the popular Tafawa Balewa Square(TBS) in race course on  the Lagos Island.   It is anticipated that the fair will attract over 500,000 visitors from within and outside the Country including businessmen, investors, customers, top government officials and representatives of Nigeria’s important trading houses and those seeking joint-venture partnerships.
Here is a list of ways you can leverage to make cash now and even after the fair;

1. Manufacturer’s representative:

Do you know that hundreds of manufacturers, both local and foreign have always graced the trade fair? Well, you can be sure they are looking for people of integrity who can work with them as representatives especially in states where their presence is yet to be felt. Now, if you are lucky to be one or their sole representative home and abroad, then this will always translate into cash for you. All you need do is prepare yourself to meet with them at this trade fair.

2. Opportunity to introduce new products:

Are you looking for a way to launch that new product of yours? Look no further. With the massive sea of heads that will be in attendance at the trade fair, you have a big opportunity to introduce your new products to the Nigerian consumers. You even have an opportunity to get feedback.  Many big brands have never lost out on this opportunity annually. Those who have new products give out free samples to the first few callers at their exhibition stand after which they begin to sell.

3. Opportunity to dispose old stock:

If you are looking for a good place to dispose old stock then consider the opportunity the trade fair affords. Many producers and manufacturers also leverage on the trade fair to sell off old stock. Rather than make a total loss, they prefer to make a few margin on old stock so as to make room for new stock.

4. Opportunity to meet importers and exporters:

If you are looking for a way to network or contact local and foreign importers of goods, then you should be at the trade fair. Scores of importers will be looking out for those who have what it takes get supplies from them. Also, exporters will also be in search of who can supply them with products they exports.  If you are a small producer of any of our made-in-Nigeria goods then you should consider attending the trade fair

5. Opportunity to make discount purchase:

There would be loads of discount sales at the trade fair. If you run a boutique, mini item store or a retail business, then this is your chance to buy in bulk at considerable discounts and resell for huge margin at this coming fair.

6. Opportunity to generate or build prospect list:

For those who know the power of list building in business, here is your opportunity.  At the trade fair, it’s not uncommon to find potential clients coming to your stand to make a few enquiries. Now, you must be smart enough to have a book where you generate a list of such callers. With this list, you can always reach them much after the fair is over. A list always guarantees you have potential cash on the way.

7. Opportunity to get investors:

There are hundreds of Nigerians who are looking for one business idea or the other they can invest in either solely or jointly. The fair affords them platform to search out the ones they can do. You can only be discovered if you find your way to the fair.
8. Opportunity for partnerships:

There would be opportunity for partnerships through the platform the trade fair provides. Producers, manufacturers will need to partner with those who have what it takes to help supply their goods to end users. If you have a creative marketing idea, then you can always network with scores of company to discuss partnership etc.
9. Opportunity for artisans:

The trade fair provides money-making opportunities for scores of smart artisan. For example, exhibitors would need the services of carpenters, welders, tarpaulin providers etc to assist in construction and dismantling of exhibition stands. As at now, construction is in ongoing. Also, the services of electricians would also be needed by exhibitors.
10.  Opportunity for Cab operators:

Transportation is key anyday. The trade fair is one of such places where those who are into cab business or those who have cars can generate quick cash to convey thousands of visitors to and fro the fair. Just position yourself to rake in as much cash as you wish. Those who have pick up vans or trucks will also make brisk business conveying exhibitors and visitors with goods to their destination.
11. Opportunity for food vendors:

Any where you have human beings gather for a public event, you should be sure there would be demand for food.  If you are into food business, then you should begin to fold your sleeves to attend to loads of fair visitors who will be calling on you to fill their tummy.
12. Demand for drinks:

There’s no doubt that it will be brisk business for those in the drink business. Some of the drinks that will be in demand include water(Sachette and bottled) soft drinks, beverage drinks, ice cream, yoghurt etc.
13. Opportunity for printers:

There would be huge demand for the services of creative printers. Many of the exhibitors would be giving out product handbills, brochures, T-shirts, biros, jotters, customized packaging bags etc to visitors at the trade fair. If you are into printing business, this is one big opportunity to swell your bank account. You may need to create awareness for this service or visit the trade fair venue before it commences to see if you could find a few exhibitors doing construction work on their stand. You may also leverage on facebook too to promote your service.
14. Opportunity for bulk sms operators:

If you are in the business of providing bulk sms services, then there’s money to be made from this trade fair. How? A lot of the exhibitors may like to send sms to appreciate callers at their stand.  With a little budget on publicity, you could land a good deal. Those who build sms websites can freely promote their services to loads of corporate brands that would be exhibiting at the fair.
15. Opportunity for website builders:

Are you a professional website builder? Then you can also make money from this fair. A lot of business owners are yet to have a presence online. All you need to do is approach any company or exhibitor of your choice and let them know you offer website building service.
16. Recharge Card sellers:

The trade fair truly provides a huge market for mobile recharge card sellers. If you are in this business or want to take advantage of the massive attendance at the fair, all you need do is stock up a lot of the recharge cards of all the networks.
17. Opportunity to sell plastic chairs, tables and Umbrellas:

Even though the trade fair is an event where visitors will move about, it’s obvious that you would be a need to provide seats for those who may wish to relax at your stand. Visitors who visit eateries, food joints will sure need seats. So, if you are a dealer in plastic chairs, tables and umbrellas for shade will make quick cash.
18. Photographers:

The trade fair is no doubt an annual event. Many exhibitors and visitors would not like to forget this international event so soon. So, the best way to capture memories is to take snap shots. Are you a photographer? This is actually that opportunity to make as much cash you can make while the fair last.

19. Opportunity for ice block makers:

Do you have what it takes to produce ice blocks? Then you must find your way to the fair. The fair is an all day affair, people will like to take cold drinks as explained earlier. The best way to get their drinks chilled is to ice them with blocks. All you need to do if you provide this service is to do a flier so that those who sell drinks can reach you.

20. Music and DJ Service providers:

One of the ways exhibitors will employ to attract visitors to their stand is music which most of the time are supplied by DJs. If you are a provider of music for events then you should leverage on this big event to make your quick cash. You can as well go the extra-mile of providing professional dancers to your clients for extra cash.

Contact of the organizers of the fair:   www.lagoschamber.com
Commerce House
1 Idowu Taylor Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O. Box 109 Lagos
Lagos State Nigeria
Email: info@lagoschamber.comlcci@lagoschamber.com
Phone: Tel: 234-1-7746617, 2705386, 7732305, 7616970

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