5 Businesses You Can Start Making Money From Without PHCN Power

man selling bread with carThe name Power Holding Company of Nigeria with the short form PHCN has killed many businesses in Nigeria. Before the name of the body was changed to PHCN, it was called Nigeria Electric Power Authority (NEPA) which many Nigerian sarcastically turned to Never Expect Power Always.

In this modern age, attractive business or work that many people like to do require power and with the epileptic power situation in Nigeria, it is so frustrating to run such businesses in the country. This power issue affects all sectors of the economy whether it is small, medium or large scale business.

Some small business owners like hair dressers, barbers, tailors, electric appliances technicians, welder, carpenters etc are not spared in the onslaught of power failure in Nigeria. In fact a lot of big businesses have closed shops while some have relocated to countries like Ghana.

It may seem there is no hope for business owners in Nigeria but then, there are several businesses that you can do without generator or NEPA… or is it PHCN?

I am listing about 5 businesses below and you can go through each of one to make a choice of the one you want to start today.

The year is almost half past gone and you are still there complaining about what to do to make it a year of financial bliss for yourself. Always know that you can continue in that or take decisive steps on how to make the remaining part of the year work out well for you. This particular article is directed to those of you that are particularly tired of poverty and are set to take drastic steps in the positive direction to get to your desired financial haven.

Listed below are small businesses you can place your hands on and start making money with. The requirement is for you to thoroughly read through the details below and decide on the one that best suits you and act on it immediately.

Food Stuff Business: Everyone eats, so you can’t miss it in this business. Firstly, you have a ready-made market to sell to and secondly the need for your food products will always be there. People must eat every day, so the need for them to always patronize you for their purchases can never end as long as humans exist. You can start by selling the common ones like rice, beans, garri and as you grow along, you can expand to other food stuffs like semovita, poundo yam, wheat etc. You can also add some food condiments like magi, salt, onions, tin and sachet tomatoes to your food stuff business as you gradually grow it. With this type of business you don’t need power to operate.

Bread Distribution: Bread is indisputably one of the essential stable foods here in Nigeria. Eating bread is like going to an eatery or restaurant to buy an already prepared meal. People love bread because it is cheap and always available. Getting involved in the distribution of bread is one business you can be sure of making regular income from without much stress.

There are several ways to start your distribution business. You can decide to start from home where people come knocking at your door to buy or you can have a small store or bread stand within your neighbourhood. You can also decide to go mobile if you have a car. You simply display the bread from the boot of your car. All you need is target an area of heavy human traffic and park in such a way that passersby can see you and patronize you.

Baby Care Products: Child care products business is rapidly growing and as such you can effectively tap into its potential very well. Your products ranges from baby food, baby accessories, baby cream and oil, diapers, baby gifts, clothing, toys, games and so on. It is a very interesting market that still lies fallow and left to be fully tilled. Get round and make a list of people that just put to bed or will soon do and advertise to them that you have baby products for sale. Your church friends, your house friends, your relations and other people around your immediate neighborhood should be your first set of market to reach out to.

 Phone Accessories: This business has to do with getting involved in the sales of phone packs, chargers, batteries etc. Phones are virtually everywhere now from the China-made handhelds to the blackberries, smartphones, ipads and so on. Most people nowadays prefer they secure their phone’s screen from scratches and others prefer their phones always looking new thereby ready to buy porches and packs. You can simply maximize the potential of this business by first of carrying out a research on phone types and the accessories they require. Ones that is done, you can set out to make huge income for yourself doing the business.

Carton Production Business: This is one interesting business that requires no electricity or generator to start. It simply involves you being creative in coming up with lovely animated characters that people will love to buy. Mostly, it will appeal more to children and that simply means your focus market should be primary schools.

You have the above businesses to choose from and start taking the right action on it. You have no reason to blame anyone including PHCN for not having a business or achieving something meaningful in Nigeria.


About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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