5 Hot Free Websites That Can Guide You To Succeed In Life, Business And Career

fastezine image4SUCCESS in business, career and life in general is what everyone one of us desire. However, these aspirations do not jump to us like magic.

We must do everything possible within our reach to secure the KNOWLEDGE that brings success. Although sacrifice is required, but the ultimate thing is that we reach our goal of being successful in business, career and life in general.

Well, as a way of helping you ‘get there’, here’s a list of Free knowledge-based sites guaranteed to improve your life;

1.Discover Magazine
This is an online magazine site that seeks to bring science to the world. This site is special because it focuses on making science clear and motivating. How do you dismantle a nuclear warhead? Why is autism on the rise?

Discover is not a non-profit company, but its product definitely makes its customers smarter. It’s a site highly recommended for all those who think. www.discovermagazine.com

This is an intelligent and inspirational resource for the business world. Focused on modern theories of business growth and organizational development, Inc.com has an array of modern blogging and thought provoking leader insights. It features  how great leaders inspire others, how to create a customer-centered work culture, how to avoid pitfalls of starting your own company, why top performers fail in the modern business world; the insights and advice at Inc.com are modern and profound. If you are a manager, team leader, executive, business owner, you must visit this site. www.inc.com/leadership

As a philanthropic non-profit group, the khan Academy seeks to provide world class education to the world for free. The knowledge on this site is intended for every kind of person: teacher, student, parent, employed, professionals, business owners, traders etc the learning videos are of very valuable to anyone seeking to learn. Almost any academic topic is available on this site or in the process of being made available. You can even help in transcribing, translate or dub videos into other languages. Khan academy is another example of why the internet is an easy form of free publishing. www.khanacedemy.org

4.RSA Animate
This is an illustration site. RSA Animate is a non-profit society that seeks to provide innovative solutions to modern social problems hunger, social care, crime, political oppression, the environment, education, social justice. The RSA delivers many of their thought provoking messages through the novel means of hand drawn illustrations. www.comment.rsablogs.org.uk/videos

The hallmark of this site is Technology, Entertainment, Design, was the original acronym for TED. But over the years, this remarkable website has grown to cover nearly every contemporary topic about humanity: racism, education, economic prosperity, business and management theory, moder technology, origin of the universe etc.

If you consider yourself a thinking person, who wants to learn a little more about the world you live in, you must visit  this site www.ted.com


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