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Some couple of days ago, I did a seminar on How To Create Video Product and I had some of my past students in attendance. But one of them that really surprised me. Mr. Wale Ojo attended one of my seminars about three years ago. I taught the class, then, about internet marketing and how to use Facebook to promote their products.

I hardly remembered the seminar again but he reminded me about it. He then told me that the training helped to boost his business and with the internet marketing knowledge, he got a successful marketing strategy that he uses to promote his Ruzu products.

The next thing he did was amazing. He gave me different brands of the products he markets. He said he decided to come for the new training because he knows he will be learning something new that will help to take his business to the next level. Therefore, he is giving me the products as a “thank you” token. Here is the picture of the products he gave me.

Ruzu Product


Wow! I was indeed surprised because I was not expecting anybody to give any thing extra after paying to acquire the knowledge. I probably thought I have received my reward for the job I did but to him, the result he got after was more than the price he paid for the training and felt that he could appreciate me more.

Those that came for the video product creation seminar would have seen a lot of ruzu products on my table. Some might have thought I wanted to promote the products to them but it was evidence that what we teach actually works and it came ffrom one of my satisfied and grateful students.

I really appreciated Mr. Wale Ojo for his good thought and I believed indeed that the last seminar he came from will lift him to the next height of his business. In fact, at this time, I am expecting the next student that will give me a “thank you” gift of a brand new car…lolz.

The truth is that if you have not been to MeritChoice Seminar to learn about Internet Marketing, you are yet to get the proper training about online marketing because all what the other guys out there are teaching you are positively wrong. Now you can attend my next training for free and to confirm my assertion by yourself.

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You can’t even compare our free seminar to the paid ones you have attended in the past in term of content. After you are through from my live free seminar, you will be wondering why you have been wasting your money and time pursuing shadow about internet marketing because I often blast the raw truth.

Now that my seminar doesn’t require you to pay to attend, you have no excuse to miss the next ones. I am having one at Ibadan on the 20th May, 2017. Then, another one is coming up in Lagos again on the 25th May, 2017.

Some people complained about distance. I keep wondering if distance should be strong enough to deter you from achieving your dream in life. Do you know that people spend huge amount of money and travel to far country of the world to acquire knowledge? That is one major difference between the poor and the rich.

I want you to click the link below right away and join me at the next seminar.

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Last Saturday was another great time with MEMMA Pro member as I showed them how I consistently generate free traffic from Facebook with the smart strategy I used to beat Facebook system to get people to click my link and opt-in to my list. I also show them how to take Facebook advert to boost their subscription and sales. It was another valuable FREE training that is exclusive for MEMMA Pro members only.


I will have the repeat of the same training at Ibadan on Friday, 19th May, 2017 at Jesus Cares Bible Church, #28, Olabo Street, Oke-Itunu, Mokola, Ibadan. Please note that this is for MEMMA Pro members only. But if you wish to become a member, you can also attend the training but come with your membership fee.

The general training at Ibadan for everyone will be at UCH, Ibadan, the next day. Make sure you register to get full info about that.

In case you can’t attend physical training, you still have the opportunity to join us online. Click the link below to be part of what we are doing online.
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Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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