A Revealing ProfitPlus Class with Gbeminiyi on Wed 25th July, 2012

profitplus classThis week’s Profitplus Class with Gbeminiyi has come and gone. As was expected by the participants, it was another revealing experience as Gbeminiyi the CEO of Meritchoice Limited bared it all when it comes to making money on the internet. This week’s title: “How to Setup Hot Niche Blog & Monetize It with Google Adsense and Clickbank Products” was what many of the participants were really curious to learn.

The interest of the audience was further aroused when Gbeminiyi announced that the ProfitPlus Class for the day would be more of practical than theory.

No doubt, blogging has become a common name as one of the ways you can make money online. But the problem with most bloggers is that many go into blogging without actually knowing the best techniques to use in order to maximize their blogging potentials. In view of this, the speaker emphasized the importance of researching a hot niche that people are interested in even before creating a blog at all. According to him, if you create a blog on what people are not searching for, people may not visit your blog or you may experience very low traffic.


A Cross Section of Participants in One of the Past ProfitPlus Classes with Gbeminiyi

Another problem many would-be blogger faces is picking what area of interest to base their blogs on. Many who ventured into blogging and gave up actually missed it at this point. For many, what they are aware of when it comes to internet marketing is the “make money niche”. The truth is that there are many areas of interest that are available (called niches) that one can blog about and attract readership from all over cyberspace. These areas can provide one’s source of income if properly exploited. This issue was completely demystified by Gbeminiyi as he gave close to 40 hot niches that are money spinners currently on the internet. Some of these are:

1.   Work at home niche
2.   Making Money niche
3.   Internet Marketing niche
4.   Affiliate Marketing niche
5.   Blogging niche
6.   Increase Sales niche
7.   Employment niche
8.   Work smart niche
9.   Being Famous niche
10.   Retirement niche
11.   Education niche
12.   Save money niche
13.   Being in finding love niche
14.   Marriage niche
15.   Attracting men and women niche
16.   Talent and skill niche
17.   Natural stuffs niche
18.   Website design and development niche
19.   Horror- Being scared niche
20.   Relationship niche
21.   Having convenience niche
22.   Environmental niche
23.   Belong to a group niche
24.   Having authority niche
25.   Finances niche

There are lot of people currently searching for information concerning these niches on the internet. You can position yourself to meet their need and in the process make money.

Gbeminiyi fulfilled his practical-oriented teaching promise, when he made a live display of an SEO based blog he had already built with his team. He showed the participants how he came up with the domain name of the blog using Google Adword keyword search tool. He taught the participants how to manipulate the appearance of the already made theme template of the blog.

A diagnosis of the already made blog was also shown which revealed the SEO features of the blog. For most of the participants, it was their first time to hear and see SEO features and some things you have to implement to have a great blog like favicon, gzip, xml sitemaps, meta description, robots.txt, Google analytics, etc.

Thereafter, Gbemniyi also made a live and practical demonstration of how to install WordPress blog from Cpanel. And the participants were so astonished that such valuable information could be gotten in a free seminar.

Furthermore, in the course of the training, many professional advises and tips were freely given to the attendees especially those relating to having a successful blog. Drawing from his wealth of experience Gbeminiyi strongly recommended that the attendees do the following:

1.   For your main blog, choose paid blog because it gives you personal control e.g WordPress over free blogs like blogger.com
2.   Use a Nigeria-friendly domain registrar – www.007names.com in order to get your domain name.
3.   Use of a Nigeria- friendly Webhosting service. You can get in touch with Meritchoice Limited for a good web service.
4.   Use complex passwords (but one you can easily remember) on the blog log-ins to checkmate hackers
5.   A Free tool to create favicons ( a graphic necessary for your blog). http://best-work-from-home-businesses.com/create-favicon/

Here is what some of the participants had to say after this week ProfitPlus Class;

Highly insightful and thought provoking! Thumb up, the facilitator was composed and clearly knows his onion
– Charles Odum (07032720592)

I just came today and the seminar is interesting. It’s just for me to process what I learnt today because I’m new to this.
– Oguori Simeon – 08087178419

This training is an eye opener on how to create a niche blog. I can now create a niche targeted blog and monetize it.
– Abdul-Hamid Ojolowo – 08091603620

The training is wonderful
– Sunday Ogwu – 07042184437

It is very revealing and impactful
– Dayo Makinde – 08023178265

I have a better understanding on how blogging is working now
Afolabi Paul Kola – 07054281703

If you are still in doubt, if the weekly class really worth your time, with the comments from the participant, you need to re-consider your thought.

Also, a major problem faced by many Nigerians who want to make money via Clickbank is their inability to get a foreign address to receive their cheques. This is necessary because as a Nigerian you will need foreign address since Nigerians are not accepted on the system. Much to the relieve of attendees,  Gbeminiyi offered the participant the opportunity to get their Clickbank cheques through an innovative service made available by his company.

The attendees were so raptly engaged that when it was time to ask questions, questions kept flowing from every side. All of which were competently handled by the facilitator.

It is time for you to plan for the next ProfitPlus Class with Gbeminiyi. The next one comes on Wednesday, 1st August, 2012 with the topic “SEO Tips & Techniques That Can Shoot Your Blog To The Top Position of Search Engines”. Click here to see the details of the seminar.

To Your Exeptional Profit,
Emmanuel Umealughere & Adekunle Kolawole,
For: ProfitReloaded Team

This report is written by Emmanuel Umealughere and Adekunle Kolawole, they are both members of the ProfitReloaded Team and Internet Marketing Experts.

About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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