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The Millionaires' Maker

I will like to welcome you as a member of TEAM DREAM ALIVE. Our focus is to ensure we work together to make you a millionaire within a period as short as 90 days or 3 months.

We believe, if we work together as a TEAM, we can achieve this even faster than everyone of us could think.

There are several opportunities outside there that can make one a millionaire. But we are currently choosing a medium, which will serve as a vehicle for us to achieve our dream within the shortest time.

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola
- Team Leader

The vehicle we are currently using now is Alliance in Motion Global, A Multi-Level Marketing Company that has already built a system that make it easy for anyone to become multi-millionaire in just a year.

For us to achieve our dream of #90DaysToMillion, there is GUIDELINE/TERM & CONDITION to guide the team. Click the link below to view the document:

Team Dream Alive Guideline/Terms & Condition

We will also like you to click the link below to download the Membership Agreement form. You are to print it out and sign it, then scan and send it back to us at You can as well pick the physical form from our office or any of our designated centres, fill it and submit.

Team Dream Alive Membership Agreement Form

Now that you have made your payment and it has been confirmed, I want you to fill the form below. Before you fill the form, kindly read the instruction and make sure you understand it very well.


Follow the Instruction Here To Fill the Form

1. Enter your First name and Surname as it appears on your ACCESS or ECOBANK account.

The reason for this is that, AIM only pays distributor through ACCESS or ECOBANK. The name you use to register must therefore correspond to the name on your ACCESS or ECOBANK account.

If you don't have ACCESS or ECOBANK account, you can walk down to any of the banks' branches to open one.

2. Note that it is NOT compulsory for you to enter Middle Name especially if it is not part of your official or bank account name. Only enter it on the form here if it is part of your name you use officially.

3. Enter the Username you want us to use in registering you on AIM site. Please, note that we may do a little bit of modification of the username in case the AIM system does not accept it.

4. At the field where we have Select Package, choose the type of package you want. We have different products for the different available packages. Please note that we will try and get the package you choose but if we find out that most of the package you choose are not available, we may decide to get you package that has most of its products available.  Click here to download the PDF that has the packages details.

5. At the field where we have City/Town/LGA only enter one that applies to you. If you stay in city, you can enter it without using the stoke. For example, if you stay in Lagos, you can enter your area, rather than repeating Lagos as your city. E.g. Okota. You should NOT enter Lagos/Okota/Oshodi-Isolo LGA (LGA means Local Government Area)


Fill In Your Details Below!

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