Be Digitally Wealthy – Be Part of Online Or Live Training – Sat. 28th July

The smart way to operate in this our present generation is to go digital.

This is the only way you may not be constrained by location or time. Let me explain that.

If you are not running an online business, it means you must always be at your shop or office. You can’t stay at home and hope to make money. For some of us that run digital type of business, we don’t need physical location to do our business. The main thing you need for digital business is your laptop, tablet or phone, then, you are connected to the entire universe at any place you probably find yourself.

What of time constraint?

You dare not work beyond the normal safe hours of the day. You hardly see any businessman working around 12am to 4am. I mean, you open your shop or office and you are still willing to collect cash at those hours of the day without well armed security guards around you. You know what the story will end up to be already.

But do you know that it is not uncommon occurrence for people like us in digital marketing world to get paid around 2am at the dead of the night? I mean with digital expertise, people can pay you at any time of the day without your physical presence. You just wake up to see cash lodged into your bank account while you were fast asleep. What a sweet world of making money!

That’s only possible digitally.

But a lot of people still don’t understand how it works. That is why I decided to give a comprehensive training to those that genuinely want to become an expert and be digitally wealthy.

If you are interested in having a deep understanding about this, then, you need to join MeritChoice Mastermind Class – The only Digital Marketing Training in Nigeria that assure you of making money during your training duration of one year when you follow what you are taught in the class.

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After your full year of taking this full blast apprenticeship-like of training, making money online will become the usual occurrence in your life.

Now, we have started putting some of the training online. It means, distance barrier is being broken. You can have your class online and then, book appointment to also have a physical contact with your supervisor.

This arrangement is for those people in long distance or that have busy schedules that still want this special type of one-on-one training.

When you subscribe to the training, we will work directly with you to ensure you have maximum benefit of learning all you need to know about digital marketing.

You can as well join us live this coming Saturday, 28th June, 2018 for the training.

Please, note that the Digital Marketing Training is NOT a free class. We will only admit students that have registered and make payment for the Saturday Class. We will be having full concentration on each student and ensure they can handle marketing plan by themselves.

Why don’t you just click right now, register and let’s kick start this fantastic way of becoming wealthy digitally.

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In case you still want to speak with us, don’t hesitate to call our phone numbers and let know how we can personally work with you:


+234 802 709 7030, +234 706 614 2229

+234 815 131 8447, +234 909 990 5352


How To Access MeritChoice Products Portal

If you register for the Digital Marketing Class, you will be able to access the training online. But it is not only for Digital maketing training, if you purchase any product from us, like beekeeping, mini-importation, real estate, website design and so on, you will be able to have access to all the training on MeritChoice Products Portal.


If it is your first time of accessing the portal, you just need to follow a very simple instruction to activate the portal and have access to all your products. To know more about how to do that, kindly click the link below and watch the video on how to activate your MeritChoice Products Access Portal.



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