Become A Top Rated Crypto Trader In The Next One Year

Cryptocurrency trading has been an awesome opportunity for me. It is indeed a fantastic way for anyone to make good money. The only thing that anybody needs is understanding how it works. I used to think trading will be a difficult task and I was scared of getting started for several years before I finally jumped into it.

To a lot of people, crypto trading may look like gambling. Many people are confused about how you can make money just by putting your money into a “mysterious” platform. Of course, even running a business can be like gambling if you don’t know about the secret of a business or understand how the business works.

The most powerful element you should pursue to become successful in life and in anything is knowledge. Knowledge comes from information. Application of knowledge makes you an expert. When you attain this level, then, you can rule your world.

I was also confused about cryptocurrency when I wanted to start. I didn’t even understand what bitcoin means. I criticised the idea of investment into cryptocurrency because of my ignorance and I advised people to be very careful not to lose their money in the programme that will not last.

But today, my main source of income is cryptocurrency.

Before I could get started, the first thing I did was to cure myself of ignorance. There were several things I needed to resolve. I wanted to understand everything about cryptocurrency and other confusing terms like bitcoin, blockchain, coins, bitcoin halving, mining, exchange, ICO etc. So, I started studying. I had to purchase courses online to enlighten myself.

There was a course that I bought online which gave a comprehensive 24hours of video training. It was the longest video course I have seen on the topic. But it is worth my time.

I digested the content as much as I could. That was apart from tonnes of youtube videos I watched. I also got some ebooks from a membership site I pay a monthly subscription for.

I needed to also learn from a friend that was already performing better in the market. Eventually, I got better. Till today, I am still learning while attaining a better level of expertise.

Categorically speaking, I can coach a primary school pupil to trade and invest in the crypto market. This is not a vain boast because my first set of co-traders were not graduates. One of them dropped out of secondary school because his parent could not support his education but I taught him how to trade profitably. These guys make money regularly trading with me.

Now, I am taking it to a new level. I want to build a formidable team of young people who will rise to become top crypto traders in Nigeria in the next few years from now. I will work and trade together with such interested individuals for a year. After a year, I expect each of them to have acquired about one million naira as an investment or in cash from the training I will give them.

How will that be possible?

Currently, I have a thriving crypto community who are willing to share profit with those who can trade for them. Interestingly, if you have time, you can trade profitably and I am willing to show you how to do that. That is why I am looking for young people within the age of 18 to 30 years old who are ready to dedicate just a year to change their entire life financially by learning how to trade.

If you are such a person or you have someone who you can recommend for this, let the person reach us on this number: +2348089476690.

Here are the things that will qualify anyone that is interested in becoming part of this expert team:

  1. You must be a young guy or gal of age between age 18-30.
  2. You must know how to use the computer system and phone very well. (Please, note that we will not have time for basic computer training)
  3. You must have your own laptop and a smartphone. (Apart from your laptop, make sure you have, at least, a good android phone that you can also connect online)
  4. You must have an internet connection to work at the grooming centre and at home.
  5. You must be willing to dedicate one year (12 months) for the training.
  6. You must be ready to work and learn on a full-time basis for one year of your training/grooming.
  7.  You must be able to get to class/work from 9 am to 6 pm during the week.
  8. You must be flexible and ready to take on new challenges and tasks.
  9. You must be disciplined and have a genuine desire to learn.
  10. You must be hungry for success with a strong passion to become an exceptional crypto expert after a year of grooming and training you.
  11. You must be ready to follow the rule and regulation of the school and organisation.
  12. You must be ready to make about 100USD to 200USD per month. We expect that by the time you are finishing the training, you should be making 500USD to 1000USD per month depending on your ability to put in more effort.
  13. You must live in Ibadan or be willing to relocate to Ibadan for a whole year for the training. This will be as if you are in school and that is one of the reasons young people are preferred. (If you are interested in getting accommodation in Ibadan and around the grooming centre, we can link you up with agents that can help you secure your desire accommodation. )


  1. We will train you for a whole year to become an expert, trading and investing in cryptocurrency.
  2. We will not only give you demo accounts to practice with but you will have access to trade with real live accounts.
  3. You are not expected to have any personal investment to learn. We will provide you with account and fund to trade.
  4. You will be able to have your own personal trading account which you can use to grow your own investment from the commission you are making during your one year grooming period..
  5. You will not only learn about cryptocurrency but we will show you the computer/internet skills that help internet business owners become successful easily online.
  6. We expect that you should have nothing less than a million naira personal investment after your one year of grooming, training and working as a crypto trader.

After we have assessed you and we deemed you fit to join us, you will pay a grooming fee of just N75,500.00. Please, note that this price is for early birds. The actual fee is N150,500.00 but you are currently having a discount of 50% to join us.

Do you want to chat with us? Here is our WhatsApp number: +2348027097030.

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