Become A Millionaire As Caregiver In A Year With 40k+ Per Day

Caregiver job opportunity, as we have been talking about it, is not just a means to travel out and gain opportunity to work in advanced countries like USA, UK, Canada, etc, it is another fantastic way to become a millionaire.

You may not become a millionaire in dollar by being a caregiver, but at least, it is sure that after spending a year in a country like USA  working like a caregiver and collecting your regular pay based on the salary’s scale, you should return to Nigeria as a confirmed millionaire in naira.

So, what is the payment scale like for a caregiver in USA?

It is about 11.03USD per hour. They pay you in USA per hour and if you work for 10 hours that means, you are getting paid with about 110.30USD that is about N40,259.50 per day with the current fluctuating exchange rate of N365/USD.

If you make that for 30 days, that will be N1,207,785.00. That is it. Just in a month of working, you are already a millionaire. If someone is not a spendit, he or she should return home as a celebrated successful person.

That is how good caregiver’s opportunity is. But you can land such a job in popularly desired country like USA without becoming a certified caregiver.

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What is so surprising is that the service of caregivers are heavily needed right now and we are on mission to recruit about 2,800 people for a USA established caregivers’ agency. With this opportunity, you can’t keep complaining there is no job for you because you don’t need university degree for this. With SSCE, you are good to go.

You need to take the caregivers’ course, take its simple exam and be ready to be in USA by April 2018.

Please note that this opportunity is not for those that just want to run away from the country because after taken this course and selected to travel abroad, you MUST be ready to do the caregiving job for at 1 year and 3 months before you can move to other things.

This is NOT a traveling programme but career opportunity for those that are READY TO WORK as caregivers in USA. The agency will take care of your visa, flight ticket and accommodation. It will definitely be a breach of contract for you not to do the job if you are recruited for the employment.

No, it is not a slavery work. It is not househelp. It is a professional job. Your right is going to be well protected with written agreement and nobody will take your international passport away from you. What we are saying is that this is a genuine opportunity. You can google more about caregivers online.

Having said this, let me tell you that the space is filling up fast for the first batch of those that will be in USA this April 2018 for the caregivers job. You can stil be part of them now or introduce someone that needs this opportunity.

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In the next two weeks, we will be touring round some cities in Nigeria. Our tour starts from Ibadan in Oyo State. We will be at Ibadan on Thursday, 18th January, 2018. So, if you are close to Ibadan, meet up on on that day.

We will be talking about caregivers opportunity but I will also be giving enlightenement about Internet Marketing, Mini-Importation & Beekeeping. It will be very impactful and it is going to be totally FREE.

We will move from there to Onitsha on Saturday, 20th January, 2018. Then, it will be Portharcourt turn on Monday, 22nd January, 2018 while we will be at Abuja on Tuesday,  23rd January, 2018.

That will be our last city tour before we have the first camp for the Caregivers Certification course on 26th & 27th January, 2018 at Redemption Camp.

Kindly put all these dates in your diary and don’t miss the chance to meet us as we come close to your city.


This is a special announcement to everyone that is part of the FADAMA Rice project we started some few months back. The good news now is that FADAMA has given us the long expected GRANT.

It hasn’t been easy getting this. We are having about 50% of investment needed for the production. The other contribution comes from members of the project, though we are working out a way to get another organisation to pick that up. With that, we will only need your availability to be involved in the production.

Presently, we have two of our agricultural cooperative societies that have finished all their necessary processes.

The groups are Champion and Success.

There is a special invitation for the group to send in 5 members each on 24th and 25th to FADAMA Project office at Oko-Oba by 9am for capacity building training.

It will be important for them to be there.

Other group should wake up now and get all their processes done so that they can be part of it this year.


This is to remind all member of MeritChoice Cooperative Multipurpose Society that there will be meeting on Thursday, 25th January, 2018 at MeritChoice Office, #129, Atinuke Plaza, Beside Rainoil Filling Station, Okota Road, Lagos.

The meeting will start by 10am and ends by 12pm. Please be punctual.

New members are also welcome.


Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

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