How To Benefit Financially and Health Wise By Being A Beekeeper


You can be a beekeeper.

It makes no difference if you are a man, woman, young, old or a person with a disability you can become a beekeeper, whether you live in the big city, or in the village.

Nigeria is one of the countries that are blessed with favourable environment for production of honey, beeswax and other bee products. The country has large expanse of forests and woodland

that are ideal for developing beekeeping industry.

Beekeeping is a unique primary industry. Its basic resources nectar and pollen are rarely owned by the beekeeper. Unlike other primary producers, beekeepers require virtually no land of their own. Beekeeping “land” takes the form of small apiary sites that are leased from private landholders or public authorities. Even large commercial beekeepers require and own only small piece of land.

In our country, bee products has not been given due importance that they deserved, except extraction of honey and bees-wax. In advanced countries, bee by-products have found its use in thousands of products, which are useful to human beings in their day-to-day life thus creating additional value to bee products. Efforts are being made in our country to create greater awareness about bee products and its value addition, thereby emphasizing the economic importance of beekeeping.

Tropical bee keeping requires low start-up capital and low running expenses.  It does not involve mass feeding of bees, because the insects can provide their own food all year round.

Beekeeping has a great potential of contributing significantly to the country G.D.P., reducing  poverty among the populace, creating employment for teeming youths as well as the elderly and retired men and women, improving biodiversity as well as taking good care of our health issues.

Bees are the only insect that produces food eaten by man.

The average life span of a worker bee is six to eight weeks.  Their most common cause of death is wearing their wings out.

One in every three bites of food depends on bees for pollination, when honeybees pollinate oil seed crops, they increase oil content. When honeybees pollinate fruits, the fruits are more nutrient-rich and aromatic. They increase fruit sets and reduce fruit drops. And they also enhance plants’ resistance to diseases and adverse climate factors.

Beekeepers main tools are a bee suit, smoker, gloves, and a knife.

Check this out! In Nigeria today, 1 litre of petrol is N145:00, while 1 litre of pure honey is N3,000:00. Since you don’t have access to lift petrol why not go to your apiary and lift pure honey and smile to the bank? – A food for thought. 


Installation of Hive

Written by:
Giwa Waheed
Beekeeping Expert


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