Bitcoin Halving Is Happening Today – Get My Rare Bonus

Bitcoin Halving Is Happening Today – Get My Rare Bonus

Bitcoin Halving Is Happening Today – Get My Rare Bonus

Wow! At last, Bitcoin Halving is happening today.

It is going to happen in the next few hours from now and probably, it would have happened while you are reading my message. But all the same, it is good news for everyone in the crypto-sphere. It is highly being expected.

From henceforth, we are going to see a massive move and price growth with bitcoin and some coins. If you have been following the market, you may probably be a bit confused except you understand how the cryptocurrency market works.

What might bring the confusion? Bitcoin got to about 10,000USD last week and it is back at 8,800USD this week. You may want to ask why is the price low again? Why is it not going up? Today, I will tell you a big secret of this crypto market and here is the answer.

The fluctuation in the price is what really gives us profit. If there is no fluctuation, then, there won’t be any profit. That is the first secret I want you to know. Just imagine BTC as a product. You bought it at the price of 6,000USD and then, it got to 10,000USD after two weeks.

What happened? You have gained 4,000USD as your profit. At that point, you will need to sell it to retain your profit. Then, your prayer after will be that the price should come down. And after, the price comes down to 8,000USD. You are happy to buy because the price is low and it will probably get back to about 12,000USD.

The second reason why you should be happy now and join the crypto market is the fact that from all indications, bitcoin is ready to rise again. There is a way we check it from the chart. Presently, bitcoin is rising on 4Hour, 1 day and Week timeframe. The wise thing you can do is to buy at this low price because, after this, the price will keep going up except for the usual correctional fluctuation I explained above.

My Very Rare Special Offer – I Want to Trade for You for FREE

Of recent, I post a video to our online class which I used to tell them how to take advantage of the massive profit of trading Naira with BTC. This is one of the exciting trade I now enjoy. You know why? Instead of seeing my money getting devalued in a naira bank account, I rather put then in the crypto market to trade BTC with naira. This has been giving me a good daily and week profit.

So, what I want to do is to give you a foretaste of the sweet profit we are making trading BTC and Naira. Now that Bitcoin halving is here, the profit will be getting better every day. So, what do I want to do for you?

If you join our online training from today Monday, 11th May 2020 till Friday 15th May 2020, my team and I will trade BTC with naira for you in the next 30 days while at the same time, you will be learning how to trade by yourself. This is a huge bonus for our new students.

For those that have been part of our training before, I have uploaded a series of video for you to learn. One of it is How To Trade BTC With Naira. Kindly login to your membership area to see the video.

I have also uploaded two new videos too. Check Cryptocurrency membership area to download and learn from the new ideas. I have the details posted on our WhatsApp Cryptocurrency Class Forum.

Meanwhile, we are planning to increase the price to N50,000.00. But if you make a payment between today, 11th May 2020 till Friday, 15th May 2020, you will only pay N35,500.00 plus you will have the rare bonus of my team and I trading for you. I can only do this for a limited number of people, so take advantage of it now.

Visit the link below now to join us online and make your payment as fast as possible.

Note, you will need to fund your own bitcoin account, we will just plug into it and trade for you. We will give you all the necessary instruction to get this down.


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