Bitcoin Is Rising – Let Us Trade Together This Coming Monday

Yeah, the past two weeks have been so sweet in the crypto world. “What happened?” You probably want to know, right? Of course, if you are not living in a remote world or village, you probably must have heard that bitcoin is rising.

What does that mean? Bitcoin rising in the crypto-world is invariably equal to money. That is, increment in your crypto assets and investment. If you have been following me closely, you will recall that I have been saying that we expect bitcoin to rise this year to 50,000USD and could even surpass it.

Though the prediction was expected early in the year it seemed that the world’s #1 asset is just rising up to the occasion with what is happening now. We are currently having a record-breaking price growth of BTC compared with what we had the last year 2019.

Throughout this week, we have been busy picking dollars. Yes, we are not just trading bitcoin, there are some hot coins that give cool and unimaginable profit in a few hours or days than BTC. What we always pray for is that BTC should rise and these other coins will be performing wonders giving you 20% to 50% increase in a day.

I just finished taking some good profit from some of these coins before writing this message to you.

A lot of people often think trading cryptocurrency is difficult. To some people, when trading is mentioned, it is like a mystery to them. It is never, my dear. Let me tell you sincerely, a 10-year-old boy can trade using my method. You don’t need to be Thomas Edison or Isaac Newton to trade.

You too can keep making good money at the comfort of your home with this. See, if there is any time you need to invest and trade, it is now because the crypto-market has the capacity to make you wealthy. It has done that before for a lot of people. Click the link below and go and watch the video where I explained how cryptocurrency has turned several people into millionaires and billionaires.

You should know by now that we have a comprehensive training that has helped a lot of people to start investing and trading on their own. Before you buy anything for Xmas and New Year, kindly do yourself a favour, invest in this training because it has the capacity to create a lifetime fortune for you.

Apart from learning online and joining our Whatsapp forum where we discuss more of the cryptocurrency opportunity, you will be able to join me for live trading every Monday starting from 16th November 2020.

Though it is not necessary for you to come physically to learn if you register for our online training but for those that could make it to our physical live trading workshop, I want you to experience in real practical form how my team and I trade every day.

We will sit down together and trade. No story, no gimmick, no hype – Just picking dollars! You will trade by yourself, make a profit, and keep it in your wallet before leaving the workshop.

This is exclusively for the members of MeritChoice Cryptocurrency Training Class & Community. If you like to be part of the live trading workshop, you need to join us by registering with the link below.

The training fee is N50,500.00. The price will soon be N75,500.00. Make haste to get the training and the community membership at this discounted price.

Please, note that Live Trading is a special time of trading with me and my team. We expect any member of our crypto community that is interested in participating to come with a token of just N1,500.00 which will be for organizing the weekly live trading and refreshment.

If you would like to join us for live trading, you are welcome. But you will need to pay and become part of our training class and community before you will be admitted for the live trading workshop.

There will also be a FREE Seminar for those that want to know why they must invest in crypto now and the importance of trading your coin.

Below are the details of the FREE Seminar and Live Trading.


Date: Monday 16th November 2020

Time: 10am



Date: Monday 16th November 2020

Time: 11am

Qualification: You Must be a member of MeritChoice Cryptocurrency Training Class and Community

Fee: N1,500.00


#28, Olabo Street, Oke-Itunu, Near Army Barrack,
Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State

If you need assistance paying for our training or you have any questions, you can reach us WhatsApp with +2348027097030.


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