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As a small business owner do you know you can smartly draw customers away from big brands in your industry? If you really want to know, then you must learn from their mistakes.There are several big brands who out of their size have neglected the art of emotionally satisfying their customers. Every customer has emotions. They want to be loved or cared for. They are looking for that outfit or brand that says, “Thank you for coming” I hope we satisfied you” Please let us know about how you feel about our product or service” on and on like that.

If you visit a big or known store, hardly would they ask you how you feel. They don’t care whether you call again or not. They don’t bother if the sales guy or the front desk personnel attended to you well or not. This is where they miss it. Guess what?  Branding is not just about being creative. It goes beyond what comes out from the creative department of your ad agency. It’s about that warm, exciting feeling your customer gets when he or she sees your product display.

It’s more about your customer service and how the salespeople greet your customers even when they’re having a bad day. It’s about how your company is portrayed in the media. It’s about how fast your product is shipped or delivered and how the package looks sitting at home on your shelf. In short, “branding is about building an embracing culture that your client finds irresistible at every contact with your people, product or service.”

One of the most amazing brand stories I read has been that of, one of the first online book store you can think of. has done an exemplary job of creating one of the world’s strongest brands in record time. How did they achieve this? By recognizing what their “real business is.” As stated clearly by CEO Jeff Bezos: “We’re not in the book business or the music business. We’re in the customer service business.”

Yes! That is BRANDING. It’s about an “experience or perception” that your client lives with after a first call or contact.’s highly effective brand positioning was built on the conviction that even though web shoppers want the ease and convenience of doing business on-line, they also want personalized customer service. Based on this fundamental insight, goes to tremendous lengths to make sure that , online shopping experience supports its brand positioning.

Customer service has been raised to unprecedented levels at the company. Order a book from and you’ll usually get it sooner than the company promises. If they’re out of stock on that paperback book you ordered, don’t be surprised to receive the hardback version at no extra charge. This is brand Strategy. The story highlights what brands really are:
A promise that your business delivers on consistently
A partnership between your business and the customer
A “community” of passionate users of your products or services
In other words, customers identify with the brand. The brand resonates emotionally, leading customers to think: “this brand is a reflection of me… this brand is meaningful to me.”

Truth is, customers don’t just buy products or services; they buy particular brands, and those brands are based on psychological or emotional positioning.

Positioning involves defining and communicating, both overtly and subtly, the one core idea that your brand stands for in the mind or heart of your customer. Most of the time effective brand positioning is rooted in your customers’ values.


Yinka Padonu is Creative Writer as well as an SME Brand Adviser.  He can be reached on
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