How Does Build My Income Business Daily Make You Money Continuously & Forever

BMID is a real online business. There is no doubt that this is one of the best businesses out there that an average person that wishes to make money on Internet can start with. Even, if you are a guru, BMID is still a business you can leverage on.

If this is a system that is designed to really make you money, then you will be interested to know how it works and how it can really make you the money.

Before we explore how the system works, let us firstly check out the objectives of the site. Here are 3 major objectives of the BMID:

  1. To teach you about online marketing with daily workable plan.
  2. To provides you with marketing tools and instruction on how to start doing your online business making money as quick as possible.
  3. It also provides you with quality products to market online using the marketing knowledge and the tool you have acquired from the system.

With these great objectives that are specifically designed for the benefits of participants, it is certain that this is a system anybody with intention to make genuine money on Internet must join

The information and the training you have are not some cheap stuffs packaged together. Some of the products in BMID vault will cost you thousands of dollars if you are to buy them one by one.

A typical example is the Facebook Group Assistant that intelligently post on its own on your behalf to Facebook groups. It can work round the clock and it won’t ask you for salary. You know how much human being will collect from you if he has to work like that? Beside, no human being can work do a 24 hours non-stop job.

Having let you know that this system is designed specifically for your ultimate benefits, let us now look closely at how it works.

The system has 3 levels of membership:

  1. Basic Membership
  2. Pro Membership
  3. Platinum Membership

Basic Membership

Everybody joining BMID has to start from Basic Membership level.

At this level, you will need to pay $29.99 dollar. You must note that you cannot join the system without going through someone. If you go to the site directly without a sponsor, you will not be allowed to join the system. You will need to join by going through a link like mine

The first thing you want to do when you get to the site is to register. You can click on the “Get Started Now” button at the bottom of the page or you can click on the “JOIN” menu link at the top of the page.

You will need to login to your BMID account after registration and make the first payment for the Basic Membership. You are going to make two payments before your Basic Membership can be activated. The first payment is to the Admin. You will pay $9.99 to the Admin first. After the payment, you will make payment of $20 to your Sponsor.

When you start to market the package to other people too, you become the sponsor and the $20 will be paid to you. This money is renewable every month in as much you still want to retain the membership of the site. It means, you will be getting $20 monthly from your referrals for as much as they maintain the membership of the site. The interesting part of it is that the money is paid to you instantly. That is one of the reason I love this program. The payment is also final as there is no refund policy with BMID.

The money is yours and no need of waiting for any one to process your payment as it is regularly done with most of the affiliate program out there.

Pro Membership

Pro Membership is a higher level to basic membership. You will need $119.99 to join this level. The $19.99 is paid first to the Admin, just like it is done at Basic level while the $100 is paid to you Sponsor. It means, if you become a sponsor and someone you refer upgrade to Pro Membership, you will be paid the $100 instantly into your account. Imagine having just 10 persons paying $100 to you monthly; that is $1,000 in a month.

Platinum Membership

This is similar to Pro Membership level but you will need to upgrade to this level with $299.99. You will pay $99.99 to the Admin first and then, you pay $200 to your Sponsor. You also receive $200 if you are the sponsor. Imagine having 10 people paying you $200 monthly for the next one year. That is $2000 monthly and $24,000 yearly.

BMID Compensation Plan

Apart from the instant payment you get from the direct sales you make through referring others into the system, there is also a good compensation plan that ensures you also keep making money from the effort of the other people.

With the compensation plan, those that you refer to the business have an obligation to donate one person to you out of those that they too are referring to the system. The donation of one of their referrals is called PASS UP.

With this Pass Up, you make money from others effort continuously because the Pass Up also has the responsibility of passing one person from those they are referring to you again. Then your network continues to grow and your income continues to grow daily too. This compensation plan is what is called Reverse 1 Up System.

Every of your referrals pass up the second person he or she refers to you. The system is designed such that the first person your referral introduces to the system is not passed up to you. The referral makes instant money from the sales. At least that is a good compensation plan because your referral is able to recover back his or her investment as quick as possible. After that, the referral passes up the second person he or she refers to you. ALL other persons that the referral introduced to the system belong to him and he does not pass any one to the sponsor again.

You can see the graphical description of how it works below:

reverse -1 Up Compensation Plan

 With BMID, it is clear that you can have Regular, Passive and Residual income from the system.

Your Regular income will come from your daily and direct sales. Your passive income will come from the effort of your referrals. You will be making money in that regard from the effort of what you have done before. Then your residual income will be the recurring renewal fee that your referral will be paying.

Literally, this system is creating “The Money Making King”. If there is anything you will like to resist in your life, please do not resist being part of the system. God and register now, if you have not