Buy Bitcoin and Crypto By Yourself, Don’t Let CBN Stop You

It’s funny the way things play out in our dear country.

Have you noticed that our government always works against the people’s interest? Twitter, which is one of the good things that people enjoy in Nigeria, was suddenly banned without consulting or recourse to anybody.

The Governor of the apex bank woke up one day and decided to yank off trading of cryptocurrency not minding the billions that his co-citizens have invested into the market. You see, they always have excuses for taking the decisions. They will say, it is for our good.

Personally speaking, the existence of crypto has been a blessing to me. Banning crypto was never helpful. So, as the announcement to stop crypto trading using the bank account was released, I immediately searched for a solution for the problem created.

I didn’t allow the decision to affect me a bit except for the fact that one of our bank accounts was blocked because they identified that it is being used for cryptocurrency transactions.

If you have been following me, you would realise that we immediately came up with a solution at This fantastic solution helped people to start selling their bitcoin and getting paid through their bank accounts in a jiffy.

For me, I always look for a way to surmount the barriers that are being placed on my ways. Till now, a lot of people are grateful that we created the powerful solution at

Just try it out today and witness the efficiency of how fast you can get paid into any of your Nigeria bank accounts.’s solution is only for withdrawing your bitcoin and converting it to naira. But I noticed that a lot of people still don’t know the smart way of funding their crypto wallets. Some even thought that nobody is trading crypto again in Nigeria. Truth be told, we are still using the same bank accounts that CBN banned to transact all our cryptocurrency trades.

The how-to secret is what I want to give you here now. CBN shouldn’t stop you from making money from a sure market.

For the first time since the crypto ban, I just came out to lay it bare, the strategy that we have been using to buy bitcoin and other coins, still using our bank accounts. Sshh….please, don’t tell snitches about this opportunity. Nobody should spoil it for us.

What I have done now is to package this as a video tutorial. Everything you need to know about how to buy, sell and withdraw bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency even with your bank account is already put together.

Except you leak the secret by yourself, nobody will ever know what you are doing. [FirstName], don’t let anybody stop you.

Bitcoin will soon rise again. It is gathering strength to rally up. Take action now, don’t be at the mercy of anybody. Take charge of your life, destiny and your finances.

Don’t wait for this government, they hardly have your time. Get into the world of crypto. Click the link below to get started.

Please, note that this course is going for just N6,500.00 now. It is the cheapest price we have had for any cryptocurrency information product. By next week the price will increase. A similar product we launched last year was priced at N10,500.00.

If you don’t take the discount advantage now, you will definitely be paying higher by next week.


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