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birthday-cake-with-dotsNigerians can now produce their bread and other pastry foods in the comfort of their Home using a unique Oven. An oven is an enclosed container for heating, baking, boiling or drying.

Start a Cake Decorating Business For Fun & Profit: Do you have time and creativity? Cake decorating allows you flexible time and the freedom to be artistic in a consumer filled field. People have special occasions all the time that they celebrate with specialty cakes. Cake decorating businesses are also simple to start and require little overhead. Most of the essentials for a home based business of this kind are very inexpensive and easy to come by. If you possess this Home-based oven you are already on your way to success.


The amount require to set up a Bakery is directly related to the cash at hand, if you want to start small you can get a small parcel of about half a plot or a full plot of land and build a clay oven, it will cost you about N400, 000 to start, while it will cost between N4, 000,000 to N5, 000,000 or more to start on a large scale.

Staff Management
It is very important to engage the services of a skill labour who knows about bread baking, You can operate 2 gang i.e. 2 shifts which is day and night, you will also need 2 apprentices who will provide all the necessary assistance during the baking process you can then enter a contractual agreement on how they will be remunerated, either daily, weekly or monthly in some cases labourers are paid N150 to N200 per bag of flour produced in every shift. Some laborers produce as much as 10 to 12 bags in their shift. Proper supervision is very important, as you must be vigilant, as a bag of flour must not fall short of expected amount of quantity of bread.

Materials needed for baking bread
Flour, sugar, salt, improver, water, yeast, butter, if you are baking a special bread you will need to add preservative and colouring, flavors and ascorbic acid.

Bread Baking
Flours react differently in their ability to absorb moisture. Depending on humidity and temperature, the amount of flour needed in a recipe. The amount of flour called for in a recipe is always approximate. It is best to start with a smaller amount of flour and slowly add more while kneading to achieve smooth, satiny textured dough. The dough is now ready to be placed into a pre-heated oven. Once in the oven, the bread will continue to rise very rapidly for a while. It continues to rise because the yeast keeps multiplying and the carbon dioxide gas expands in the heat of the oven.

How does yeast make the bread rise? Under the right circumstances, living yeast fungus cells multiply very rapidly. Yeast needs moderate warmth, a damp environment and carbohydrates to feed on in order to multiply. These are exactly the properties of bread dough when left in a warm space. As the yeast multiplies, it lets off carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. The carbon dioxide gas, trapped in the bread dough is what makes the bread puffy and light.
When all the yeast cells die as the temperature of the oven cooks the dough and when a crust starts to form on the outside of the bread, the rising stops. The lifespan of a normal bread ranges from 4 to 7days depending on the level of preservative content in the bread. There is a standard weight for each bread as spelt out by the Bakers Association of Nigeria.

Income Opportunities:
The gain in Bakery business is very enticing especially if you take all the necessary precaution. A bag of flour cost between N1, 900 to N3, 100. The more the bags of flour you produced, the more gains you make, if you can consistently produced 15 to 20 bags in a day then you will make an average of N40, 000 to N60, 000 a week it can be more in as much as your customer base continue to increase.

Polythene and Nylon bag production for bakeries: Machinery: The machinery unit from the extrusion point will include the extruder, cooler, scale, haul-off equipment, take-up equipment, film printer, roller, cutter and sealing machine.
Shopping bag is produced with a Jumbo extruder machine. It can be produced with either virgin material or reprocessed materials depending on the colour. Depending on the sample or what the customer wants. It can be produced with either low demystify material or high density material.

The total amount needed to produce a bag of 25kg is about N7,700. A kilo usually produces about 25-32 pieces depending on the thickness, the higher the thickness, the higher the price. On the average, a bag produces about N700 pieces.
Shopping bag are usually sold per one (per piece) and one Manufacturing polythene bags can be split into 4 stages -piece goes for about 14-18 depending on the printing thickness and size, so a bag of about N700 pieces can be sold for about N11,200 at the rate of N16  per one, hence a profit margin of about N3700 per bag. Normally, you may be asked to supply about 5000 pieces for a start depending on the company you are supplying. To supply N5,000 pieces you will need about 7 bags and you rake in about N26,000 per supply. Subtract transport and miscellaneous, you will rake in about N24,000 per supply, imagine if you are told to supply 50,000 or 100,000 pieces like some big eateries always demanded for.

Reprocessed material or grinded material can be used to produce black shopping bag like the cash bag use in the banks or a version of it use in LAWMAN as waste bags, when reprocessed, the profit margin is usually higher.
Nylon Extruder: LD & HD= N2,4M
Nylon Recycle: =N450,000
Sealing and Cutting (Automated machine)  =N1.2
Sealing and Cutting(Manual Machine)  =N90,000
You can get these materials, at TECO QUIP. Once again you can start small with N100,000 or less , all you need to get is the sealing and Cutting machine, get the Polythene which you can get in a market near you, you will then cut into sizes as explained in this write up.
I have provided more info on Polythene bag production, I hope this guide will help you.

Butter production: Butter is widely used for variety of domestic and industrial purposes. They include cooking, baking frying and outright straight consumption. It is very popular among the citizens, particularly within the average class and among the school children. Butter is an indispensable companion in the baking and cooking industry. The plants needed for this project are simple, easy to use local machinery They include the paste mixer, corn milk, fryer, sifter and any type of mill. Packaging is in 200 grams and 500 grams light plastic container or paper wrapper.

Sales agents to different bakeries.
Sell bread baking ingredients.
Sell Special bread, Doughnut, meat pie and sausage  rose to corporate organizations:

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