How You Can Enjoy All The Benefits Of A Cooperative Society

cooperativeWhen I got the idea and felt led to launch out, I never expected it to be this fast and very much received by lots of people. I have always been behind the computer and anything that has to do with moving around to make things work always gets me bored as I have always been a strong canvasser for working smart and not all about working hard. Preceeding the official launch of our cooperative (MeritChoice Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited – MMCS) yesterday, lots of things crossed my mind as regards to the fulfillment of the dream but to God be all the glory, it all ended up as a grand success indeed.


One of the key objectives of the cooperative is to see people empowered to achieve their dreams and visions. You can imagine planning for a major project that you know can turn around your financial status within the shortest possible time and being held down by capital? I can remember vividly how I also had same challenge some few years back. It can be really frustrating, I must tell you. In fact, if you are not careful, you might soon find yourself giving up completely on your exciting project. That is why this cooperative has been created to help you raise the capital and get you fired up to achieve that your dream.
The official launch has now opened us up to a wide array of limitless opportunities. Here are a few of them:-

Opportunity to Get Double of the Money You Saved as Loan

Here comes the interesting part of the cooperative. You can request for double of the money you saved with the cooperative as a loan. Let’s say you have about five hundred thousand naira (N500,000.00) in the co-operative, you can request for a loan of about one million naira which you will have to pay back over a period of time.


If the money happens to be in your bank account, it may not qualify you for such a loan with your bank. Even if the bank says they are willing to give you such a loan, it may come with a lot of conditions which you may not be able to meet.


In the cooperative, you don’t need to have collateral before you can request for a loan. The condition for a loan, most of the time is for you to have two guarantors who are also members of the cooperative.


Opportunity to Repay Loan with Very Low Interest Rate

This is another fantastic benefit of the cooperative. The interest rate is always very low and if you are diligent with what you want to use the money for, especially if it is for business, you shouldn’t even have issues repaying the money with the interest.


I often laugh at the interest rate I pay back at the cooperative that I belong to because I usually make more than 10 times what I am retuning as a loan. The good part of the deal is that, the repayment is always at my most comfortable convenience.


Opportunity to Own Shares in the Cooperative and Earn Dividend Every Year

As a member of the cooperative, you are a stakeholder and at the same time a shareholder in the cooperative. When you have a thriving cooperative like MMCS, you will have the opportunity to earn dividends every year from the surplus that the cooperative makes at the end of a business year.

The amount you earn will be based on the amount of savings and shares you own in the cooperative. This is not possible if you keep your money in the bank. You can only get back what you put in your bank account with some funny interest that may not be worth anything useful. You don’t become a stakeholder or shareholder by just saving your money in a bank.


This is a benefit you don’t want to miss and that is why you need to be part of a visionary cooperative like MMCS.


Opportunity to Have Access to Loans from Banks and Financial Institutions Setup for SMEs

Can you believe that there are billions of Naira earmarked for Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria as soft loans where you can pay less than 10% interest after using the money for a year? Tell me, do you know how many Nigerians benefiting from such money?


If you are not close to the politicians or seat of power, you will hardly know that such an opportunity exists because it is just a very few people; the greedy politicians and their cronies who are benefiting from these opportunities.


Through our cooperative, we will demand and gain access to these funds. It may be hard to do it as an individual because, you may be asked for collateral and different documents that may take you years to gather or get. But with the cooperative, you have a body that is covering for you and you can enjoy all the possible benefits of such existing funds.


Opportunity for the Cooperative to Assist You In Purchasing Gadgets or Properties

You can still take advantage of your cooperative membership by requesting the cooperative to assist you in purchasing gadgets or properties and you will just need to repay back little by little until you pay off the full price for the valuables.


It may be hard for you to get this type of opportunity from any other organization that is not setup as a cooperative. With this kind of available privilege, you will know that this is a society that someone that has dreams and goals in life should belong to.


This is indeed a life-time opportunity you should not miss for anything. This is the best time to set yourself free from the shackles of poverty and get started on a solid foundation for a blissful financial splendor.

Click here to be a part of it right now.


About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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