Caregivers’ Students Confidence of Being In USA By April Soar Higher At The First Camp

It was a dawn of new beginning as Ghalp Caregivers Academy (GCA) launched the first camp training for the first set of caregivers that ever got trained in Nigeria on Friday, 26th February, 2018. It’s definitely a grand breaking record and indeed an historical event that must be noted for future generation to read about.

Interestingly and like a divine sanction for what GCA just started, the President of the country, President Muhammadu Buhari just signed into law, the National Senior Citizens Centre Act, 2018 on the same day GCA started the first ever caregiving training in Nigeria. The act which is geared towards taken care of the elderly ones in the country is exactly one of the works that caregivers are specially trained for.

Here is what Sen. Ita Enang the Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate), said about the bill, “National Senior Citizens Centre Act which makes it compulsory that institutions and the government would establish and have National Senior Citizens to allow for proper care, training, orientation/reorientation and care for senior citizens in Nigeria,’’

It means; it is compulsory now for us as a nation to start taking care of our elders and it becomes a criminal offence if government or any institution is not taking this serious. But beyond that, there is need to have trained hands that understand how this can be effectively done and that is what GCA started on the same day that this important bill was signed to law.

GCA is not just training people but doing it with American Standard with the distinguished certifications from American Caregivers Association (ACA) which is the national final authority for caregivers in United State of America.

GCA started training Nigerians for caregivers’ job in America which will be available for them in April 2018 but suddenly, the opportunity to also have trained caregivers in Nigeria just surfaced. It means that you can’t be a caregiver and be jobless.

But one thing was certain at the first day of the training; the people were fully convinced about the prospect of working in America in about 3 months from now. It was an impressive outing.

The GCA President, Dr. David Olalekan started with a motivational section where he spoke about his dream to travel out because he never had the privilege to do that and how he would go to international airport with his international passport and disgused as someone traveling but kept praying in his mind that one day, he too would have the opportunity to travel out of the country.

One day, his dream came through by divine arrangement. His first traveling and boarding of plane was sponsored and it was an international trip. He has since travelled to about 32 countries of the world.

He worked as a caregiver in America for a while and saw the massive opportunity in caregiving. He worked hard to get the American Caregiver Association (ACA) franchise so that he can assist Nigerians and other West African countries to land caregivers’ job opportunity in USA, UK, Canada and other parts of the world.

Then, we have series of training on the National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC) which were handled by Mrs. Elizabeth Adebayo and Matron Eyitayo Brown. These are experienced caregivers. Like Mrs. Brown a trained nurse has worked in UK for several years as caregivers.

There was practical section that demonstrated how to really care for people and these was an interesting moment that got the class highly excited. The issue of international passports, visa and other international related traveling issues were also discussed.

The students have to sleep over at the camp to maximise time as GCA gave out the necessary information that will adequately equip them.

The second day of the training witnessed police representatives from Police Headquarters, Lagos, Central Criminal Registry, who enlightened us about the law of different country and what grant you citizenship. They also explain the importance of Police Character Clearance certificate.

The next thing that happened was the capturing of the students fingerprints for the processing of the Police character clearance which shall be used for the USA visa processing. There is also a schedule for practical of the training with United Nations (UN) in February. It was a great event.

Apart from the training, the students are very much convinced that working in USA by April 2018 is possible and you need to be here to see the excitement, willingness and the readiness of the student to work as professional caregivers.

Interestingly, the opportunity is still available for those that are still interested. More people are needed in overseas for caregivers’ jobs.

What you need to do now is to click here and get the full details of how to be part of this great opportunity.


There will be another caregivers opportunity awareness in Lagos on Thursday, 1st February, 2018 and don’t forget, it is free, you can come and get the first hand information of how to become a professional caregiver and how you too can be in USA by April 2018.

We will also be at Abuja on 3rd Saturday, February, 2018 for awareness at the Federal Capital Teritory.

You need to be around because we are already creating a powerful movement that will shake the nation. Don’t hesitate to be around.

Click here now to register for the awareness seminar


National Assisted Living Manager Caregiver Certification Course (NALMCC) comes up on Thursday, 1st February, 2018 at MeritChoice Office, #129, Atinuke Plaza, Block F, Beside Rainoil Filling Station, Okota Road Lagos.

It is the same day we are having the Free Caregivers Opportunity Awareness at the same Atinuke Shopping Complex but the awareness programme will be at the Atinuke hall while the NALMCC class will be at MeritChoice Office.

The NALMCC training starts by 8am – 6pm. Kindly prepare for it. This will give you higher level opportunity especially if you have done NCCC. In fact, you will have instant work to do even before traveling to USA to work as caregiver.


The practical for the caregivers’ practical trip to Ghana at United Nation Facilities comes up on 20th to 24th February, 2018. This is to enable students to demonstrate what they have learnt and also gives opportunity for those that have not disvirgin their international passports to do so.

We have limited time to prepare for the April 2018 trip to USA and we have to ensure every thing is done as soon as possible to avoid any issue or delay.


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