Product Source Agent

An Ultimate strategy to get into the Nigerian export value supply chain As a product sourcing agent you can conveniently plug into the export value chain, what a good way to build up a successful exportation business from nothing and have fun doing it?  Not only does it require little financial investment to start, but it offers the prestige of ...

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Figure & Financial Growth Part 1 – “Hate To Deal With Figures… But Still Want To Develop and Make Your Business Succeed? Then check This out…”

It is not a crime if you hate figures.  But the reality of life is that, you need figures to run your life and manage your business. You deal with figures everyday – whether you like it or not! You want me to give examples? Okay. Assuming you are a salary earner, you wake up early in the morning, heading ...

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Finders Fee – Wealth Creating Strategy in Export Business and Other Service Sectors

The professional finder simply matches qualified buyers with qualified sellers. There are finder’s fees to be earned in every small town or big city, in every state and country. All you need to do is arrange matching between buyers and sellers, put them together, and then sit back and collect your fees. Below are some of the things you will learn ...

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