The Essential Keys To Your Online Business Success

It’s another day and another month. I want to wish you happy new month and also to tell you NEVER NEVER to give up on your dream because dreams do come to past. Talking about dream, I have been nursing this desire to see Nigerians becoming excellent internet marketers. That has also made me to make a lot of sacrifices ...

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Two Things You Need To Succeed Fast Online

MeritChoice Free Seminar Participants

  Today, I want to tell you two major things that can make you succeed fast with online business. Candidly, these points are also necessary for you to succeed in any other business you are doing. They are what I observed that are needed by every entrepreneur that wants to succeed. So, what are the two things? Before I reveal ...

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The Day People Saw The Real Cash

    About our visit to Ibadan in Oyo State where we had a blast at our free internet marketing training. It was really a great day as we showed people where money have always been hiding on the internet. You see, a lot of people think to make money online is really difficult. They think you need to discover ...

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Why You Cannot Afford To Miss Our Free Live Seminar On Thursday

One of the things I enjoy doing is to interact with people to find out what is their perspectives  about internet marketing business and from my interactions with different people, I have found out that most people see internet marketing as one huge mountain that is insurmountable.   Quite a lot of people I interacted with had some failed attempts ...

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Get Your Online Business Setup At The Upcoming FREE Seminar

  One of those things I have witnessed is the enthusiasm of many would be internet marketers that come to seminar and who eventually got excited with what they have learnt. They often feel like they got everything being taught and also hope to see result shortly after practicing what they have learnt.   Exactly, and that is how it ...

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Our Dry Season Farming In Pictures

The Agriculture Forum of MeritChoice Entrepreneurs’ Network (MENET) has since engaged in dry season farming and it has been good so far. Most farmers often go on holiday during dry season because they can only afford to work when it is raining but dry season farming is more profitable because lesser people farm during the period and their produces become ...

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