Does It Make Sense To Buy Twitter Followers?

Of recent I started getting twitter followers and they are coming so fast. I was excited about that and I shared my joy with one of my buddies. He was surprised because he didn’t know how I was doing. He asked, “Did you buy twitter followers”? “Nope”, I replied. I don’t believe in buying twitter followers. Not even on any ...

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Basic Web Knowledge Needed For Website Design

Introduction to Website Design

I started teaching my students website design while showing them the smart way to design their own website within 30 minutes using WordPress. When I started, my intention was to jump into the training and show them how to do it but I was surprised when some started asking simple questions like what is Hosting Space? Like, what is the ...

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How To Generate Traffic Through Blogging

traffic through blogging

Blogging is another fantastic way of generating traffic on the internet. Though many people do not know about that or let’s say they don’t know about how it can be turned to a traffic generating machine. Let’s start from the basic by asking the question, “What is blogging?” Blogging is a way by which someone is able to add new ...

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