CBN Wants You To Become Successful Entrepreneur Like Dangote

                                            ALIKO DANGOTE THE RICHEST MAN IN AFRICA

I know you know who Dangote is. If you don’t know, it means, you are not a Nigerian or you are a growing kid.

As a matter of fact, Dangote is the richest man in the entire continent of Africa. He is a businessman, an entrepreneur to the core. Today, there is no way you can escape using Dangote’s product if you live in Nigeria. He has created a brand that we are all proud of.

But he started small. He started by borrowing money from banks, making profit from it and returning the principal and interest. Then, he rinses the same idea and repeats it again and again.

Now, CBN of Nigeria recently came up with a scheme that could help a lot of entrepreneurs achieve the same thing. This time around, they made it so easy for you. They want to give you loan at ridiculous low interest rate of 5% per annum (not monthly) from the scheme known as Agribusiness Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS).

There is no any financial institution that will give you such rate in this country. Then, they also said you can repay the money for about 7 years. It means, you can decide to pay back the money in 3 years, 4 year or 5 years. It’s all depend on you but you have maximum of 7 years to spread your repayment. With the same scheme, you can apply for about N10million to start or boost your business.

If you really aspire to become a successful entrepreneur like Dangote, honestly, CBN has created a fantastic scheme for you to achieve that.

Not that alone, they also make it mandatory that you should get trained at Entrepreneur Development Institution (EDI). I recently participated in the training and honestly, the training is the first thing that any entrepreneur should attend before starting business at all.

Do you know after this quality training, some of the attendees said they wish to have attended the training first before starting their businesses? That is where you will learn the idea that make the likes of Dangote to get loan every time they need it through comprehensive business plans that make bankers running after them with money.

You keep wondering why other businesses are not being considered. The difference is the knowledge gap between the two sets of business owners.

The starting place for you now is to attend the CBN Loan Orientation Session that we have been organising. You can attend the live class or you can get the online version and understand what it takes to participate in the programme.

Click the link here to register and get started with this fantastic opportunity.


This coming Saturday, 27th July, 2019, we shall be hosting another free seminar where we shall be relating to you different money making ideas you can start.

Most of the time, people think it is money that they need. No, sometimes, you just need a sound idea that can generate consistent income for you. At this free training, you will be wowed with powerful life changing business ideas we shall be relating with you.

You will learn how to start making N50k, N20k, N5k consistently promoting some fantastic business idea.

To participate, click the link below to register:


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