Creative Ways of Making Money Online

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There are many of us who would love to stay at home and become rich. The idea of earning money without leaving the house was laughable a few years ago but has turned into reality in this new millennium.

There are thousands of people earning money online and more people are finding more creative ways to do so daily. It is as simple as finding ingenious ways to cash in on your skills. Most people can find ways to do this if they have the time and patience for making money online.

Here are a few tips to help:

1. Self-publish and write your own eBook:

There are many websites online that are willing to publish your eBook for you if you agree to split commissions with them. This way, the people who have the talent for writing can go to sites like Amazon, Kobo or Barnes & Noble etc. With some luck, they will be willing to publish your eBook for you.

This way you earn money with every single sale of your digital product. Awesome right? The more creative you are, the better the chances of making money online through eBook sales. It is a great way for aspiring writers to launch their own books. So, grab those digital notepads and begin to digi-scribble your way to making real money online.

2. Capitalize on your skills:

Most people have a few skills that can earn them money. This could be anything from translating or designing, writing or coding etc. For this, you can find buyers or employers online through freelancing sites such as fiverr0desk, freelancer, upwork etc.

Here you can meet genuine employers and do their projects for them in exchange for payment. The website will take a small chunk of your earnings in return for providing a good platform for making money online.

3. Make and sell things on Ebay or online auction shops:

If you have the skills and talent to create something worth selling, you can do so by selling them online on ebay or any other global online marketplace. You can create your own crafts and sell them for a tidy profit; all the while you are making money online. This could even be your start up to launching your own ecommerce site for making more of these crafts and merchandise.

4. Design your own t–shirts and sell them online:

Yes, it is possible. With a great design, buyers will flock in from all over the globe. There are websites that allow you to upload your own custom created t-shirt design and sell them in your online store. Cafepress, for instance, allows you to harness your creative talent and lets you create the latest in trend t-shirt designs. If the designs are a hit, then you can look forward to some profits.

5. Test mobile applications for money:

There are many new smart phone apps coming along and you can earn money for testing them. This way if there are any bugs on the phone, all you have to do is find them and they will reward you in cash.

If you have the patience and free time to do so then you can earn money for your efforts and build a reputation on the bugs you found.  uTest is an example  of an application which lets you find and get rewarded for finding bugs on apps. So, if you are a geek of sorts, there is a huge demand for you here.

6. Get sponsors for your tweets: is a site which pays you if you advertise their message to your followers on twitter. This way, you are earning money per tweet. This is a great way to earn money through little efforts. All you would need is a good following on twitter to rake in the money.

Are you up to date on the latest trends, do people just love to read your tweets? Chances are that you will have a large following that will get even larger with time. Do not waste it, there is also a huge demand for your followers by people who need their services and websites advertised to a large number of people from different places at a time.

As long as you have the creativity and business intellect to earn money, there is nothing to stop you from making money online.



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