Cyber Monday – Huge Discount of N15,000 for Our Crypto Training Starts Now


Wow! It’s been a while you got a message from me.

We have focussed on trading for the past few weeks. It had been some great weeks trading as bitcoin rose, printing a high price it did last about 3 years ago. That also got most of the altcoins rising. We just concentrated on picking as many dollars as we could. Bitcoin has relaxed a bit now with its rising price which is normal but, watch out, it’s coming back strongly soon.

Unfortunately, some people that don’t understand how trade works got into buying bitcoin and other coins when the market was set to reverse. But the good part is that bitcoin will soon rise again temporarily again. Just get prepared so you can cash out your profit.

The secret of this money instrument is, you must target the market to buy any coin when the price is low and sell when it is high. But to those that are not skilful, they often buy when the price is going up. The rule you must not forget is: NEVER CHASE THE PRICE. Still, you can if you are skilful enough to know where it will stop.

For you to really understand how this market works, you need good knowledge which we have been providing. Now, this is the best time for you to learn so that you can maximise the opportunity the crypto market provides.

The good news is here. If you have been hoping to be part of our training and you wish to have a good discount, your wish has come to pass. We are running an unusual special Cyber Monday promo which will save you a huge sum of N15,000.00.

Instead of you paying N50,500.00, you will just pay N35,500.00. But please note that this is just for a day. The discount expires by Tuesday 12am. It means, you only have till Monday to make payment.

So, we are opening up the platform right now. As you see this message, go to the payment page and take your order.

If you are having challenge paying, please, don’t keep quiet, reach us on WhatsApp or call us on the phone +2348027097030

We will help you out so that you don’t miss the opportunity.

Also, we are still recruiting and giving a rare opportunity to those that will like to become top-rated traders in the next 1 year. You see, I have discovered something with cryptocurrency. You can turn it to your daily job. If you have the right knowledge, you can turn just 100USD to any amount you desire. This is the idea we are handing over to the individuals that are interested in becoming top-rated traders.

If you want to be part of this dynamic idea of generating money for the rest of your life, without going out on the street to work, selling or promoting anything, crypto trading is the answer.

If you are a young man or woman and you can dedicate just a year to transform your life forever, then, I present you with this wonderful opportunity to learn.

Click the link below to take the assessment survey and we will personally call you to start grooming you as the next top crypto trader.


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