DAY – 2: Wedding Funded With Importation Proceeds

How Nasbock’s Student Made Over N100,000 Naira & Funded His Wedding From Mini Importation Business   Starting With Just About N20,000

white-wedding-small,you will get the full gist of how Nasbock’s student, Nathaniel Ansa made over N100,000.00 and was able to fund his wedding. Let’s go as Nasbock narrates the story.

When I started mini importation, I told some people how I am making some killing from importation doing it right from the comfort of my room. A lot of them did not believe me until they started seeing the evidence of the profit around me. But I must confess that I was shocked myself when I started getting result because I didn’t believe at first when I heard about the opportunity. The result this is giving me and others I have trained is amazing.

Over time, I have organised seminars and told people about this mini-importation opportunity. I have quite some number of people that showed interest and fortunately, I have exceptional students that are now making a lot of money from the same idea I shared with them.  It’s like I have been able to duplicate myself.

Well today, I am going to tell you about one of my students that made over N100, 000  in just one week from this same Importation business.

This man came all the way from Port Harcourt to our office in Lagos to attend Information Business training but after the training, he waited to see me because I was having a private training session with a Pastor who I was teaching on Mini importation business.

While I was chatting with the Pastor, he discovered we were talking about online business and right there the Pastor was able to order for 4 Tablet PCs for less than $58 each, that was about N9,280.00.

My soon-to-be student of mini importation, that is, the man from Port Harcourt was highly surprised and started pleading that he will like me to teach him too. He further explained to me that his wedding is on the way and that is one of the reasons he came for the Information Business training.

The interesting thing was that he was ready for the class on the same day. I couldn’t believe his desperation.  May be, he couldn’t imagine himself going back to Port Harcourt without acquiring the knowledge that would help him to take care of the wedding expenses and also have a means to take care of the new family he was about to start. So, I decided to teach him with the Pastor.

Four days after the training, the Pastor got the tablet PCs he ordered for through courier service and sold each for N45,000 each to some of the members of his church making whooping sum of  N180,000 in revenue in just one week spending  less than 20 minutes to take order online.

It was not long after that day that I got a text message from my desperate student from Port Harcourt. It was on Sunday morning and about 2 weeks after the training.

The message reads…

“Mr Nasbock thanks for teaching me the online Importation business, I ordered 2 tablets PC’s too with just N20, 000 and sold one for N60, 000 to a banker and the other one to my church member. I was able to raise some money for my wedding from the importation business you taught me, thanks so much”

As soon as I finished reading the message with my heart full of excitement because of the great result these my students are getting, I started wondering, if there is any other type of business one can do that will give over 200% to 300% profit on a unit of product? But that is importation business for you and that is why I love the business.

Can you see the reason why Nigerians won’t stop importing things for a very long now?

Now imagine other benefits of online importation business……

  • You Don’t Need An Office Space to get started or need a warehouse except you want to go into massive importation.
  • You Don’t Need To Be Online All The time
  • You Don’t Need A Lot Of Capital to kick start the business, I mean, with just N10,000 you can start
  • You can start importing the same day unlike other business that takes months to learn the curves of how the business works.

, will you like to have the full scoop of the business?

You can do the business anywhere you are in Nigeria. You don’t really need to come to Lagos and you don’t need to be desperate like my good friend from Port Harcourt. I got you covered with our latest comprehensive training video and instruction manual.