Day – 3: How to Detect Fake or Scam Sites


How to Detect Fake or Scam Importation Websites

Scam-Alert-300x185, today information is very crucial because it is going to provide you with preventive knowledge that won’t let you regret ever doing business online or going into importation venture.

Most beginners of online business always make mistakes because there is no one guiding them. They get scammed most of the time. Here is Nasbock experience when he started this same importation business.

I have been a victim of the fake sites before, especially when I started out and I must confess that it was not a palatable experience. Now, I know how to catch them pants down.

But before I tell you exactly what to look out for in a genuine importation website, let me share a little story of the mistake I made when I was starting out , so that you can learn and avoid such mistake in your own importation business.

I needed to buy a blackberry phone,  a bold 5 and a new laptop but didn’t have up to N98,000 + N70,000 which were the prices for the products respectively in the market as at then.

I knew few people that know the secret of buying the same phone and laptop at a very cheap price online. I approached them to show me how to do it, but they refused even when I was willing to offer about N55, 000.00 to one of the gurus in the business.

Poor me!

So, I headed over to Google, did a search and landed at a website where I paid $295  (equivalent of N47,200) for what supposed  to be a brand new Bold 5 and $195 (N31,200)  for a Toshiba laptop.

I was very happy because I thought I’ve saved N89, 600 i.e (N98, 000 – N47, 200 = N50, 800 for the BB and N70, 000 – N31, 200 = N38, 800)

Not knowing I’ve just fallen prey to some scammers online.

What happened next?

I waited for the 5 days as promised to receive my Bold 5 and brand new laptop.

5 days turned to 10 days…

to 25 days…

…to infinity!

I didn’t even get a phone casing/pouch, or laptop bag let alone the stuffs I paid for.

The worst part was that the scammers blocked off every form of communication between us – Skype and yahoo messenger were off!

Though, I fought the scammers and had their website closed down, but I had to live with the loss.

That’s just my experience, like a school fee paid to learn about this business and that is what I am giving for you for free here.

How Then  Do You Verify The Genuineness Of Websites & Avoid Falling For Such Scams

Though I discovered these tips I am sharing with you in a hard way but I am sharing them with you for being my subscriber.

Follow the 2 simple steps, and you’re there.

As a matter of fact, these steps should only take you 5 minutes to go through and place you in the best mood and position to safely deal with the importation sites.

Tip 1:

Go to Google and type in the following into the search box:

“Website url + scam”

For example, if the website address is, you go to Google and type in

“ + scam”

If you do this correctly, you’ll find tonnes of reviews from people that have done business with the site.

If you get much of negative reviews and complaints I believe you wouldn’t need an angel to tell you to RUN FOR YOUR dear life.

Tip 2:

This is the DECIDER…

Even if a website passes the above test, it MUST pass this very one.

If you ever risk going into this business without this very tip, you’re on your own. If you risk it and anything happens, please do not contact us.

This is about your money been safe!

But more on this tomorrow…

Gbeminiyi & Nasbock

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