Day – 4: How to Easily Make Payment Online


How to Pay for Your Imported Goods Online

credit_cards_small, you are welcome once again for another helpful information.

Let us say you find a promising website that you think you can start mini-importation business with, the next thing you want to check with the site is the payment method that is accepted on it.

Most of the time, the site will accept Visa or Mastercard. At least 98% of the
the sites you visit will likely accept those two cards. If Visa card or Mastercard is accepted then you will need to get Visa Card or Mastercard to make your payment.

You can get Visa card  or Mastercard from Nigerian banks these days.  One bank that can issues you Visa card almost immediately is UBA.

To get your Visa card, simply walk into any branch of UBA with your identity document (international passport, national ID or driver’s license) and request for a card known as Africard.

Go for the non personalized type so that you get it instantly. It should cost you about N500 or so.

It is exactly like the normal ATM card and can easily be funded any time with Naira over the counter. With this card, you can safely pay on any site that accepts visa cards.

That settles the card issue for now.

Even though you can kick-start your mini-importation business with the tips we have already given you but I think there are more things you need to know which form the total knowledge and understanding that will ensure that you greatly succeed in this business.

Anybody can just get online to buy anything, but it is not just about buying anything, it is about getting the right information that will help you succeed faster than you could imagine.

One of those knowledge you need to acquire is how you can totally avoid being scammed in this industry. You must be pre-warned about that. There are scammer out there and you need to know how to deal with them or else you will pay on their websites and will never see your money again neither will you ever see what you have paid for.

The worst that can even happen is the scammer gaining access to your online payment card and start spending the money on your card without you knowing what to do about it.

So tomorrow, we will be sending you this important  email with the subject “How To Totally Remove The Fears of Been Scammed”. You don’t want to miss it.
If you miss it, you are “On Your Own” (OYO)!

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