Day – 5: How to Totally Remove the Fear of Being Scammed


Why You Can Never Be Scammed With This Importation Knowledge 

Scam-Alert-300x185, you know one thing? Nobody enjoys losing his or her hard earned money unnecessarily. We do not enjoy it either.

Hence, we verify and certify that a website is okay before doing business with it. You remember the Tip 1 where we talked about using Google search to detect a fraudulent site?

This tip 2 will show you how to totally remove the fear of being scammed.

See, if you do not see what we will be discussing here on a website that manages a lot of exporters, please run away and don’t do anything on such a site!

Okay, it’s about a third party trust arrangement known as ESCROW.

Escrow is an arrangement whereby funds are held by a trusted 3rd party until it receives the appropriate instructions or until obligations have been fulfilled. This tip is important if you are buying from a site that helps several small exporters to process their transactions. The site establishes the escrow system and serves as a trustee between you the buyer and the sellers.

Let us explain further.

Let’s say you find a product in site X and wish to order for it. You then go ahead to  make payment for the product, your payment is received and will be held in escrow, that is, the money is not released to the seller yet, but the seller can see and confirm that you have made the payment.  The money will be held in escrow pending when you confirm the receipt of the item you bought.

Once you receive the item, then you will visit the site again and click on “item received” or something similar in that line and the funds will be released to the seller.

If for any reason, you do not receive the item, you will simply complain and if there is no solution in retracing why you have not received the item, your money will be refunded into your account. In some cases, the merchant may decide to resend the item if he feels that the goods were lost in transit and wants to establish good customer’s relationship.

If the item received doesn’t meet your expectation, you can also complain, send back the item and have your cash returned to you – We love this a lot!

No stories… no waiting… no regrets!!!

This arrangement not only removes the fear of being scammed, but also create credibility and makes the sellers to be extra careful with the kind and quality of products they offer.

Combine this very tip with other tips we talked about in our previous email and you will be safe running the mini-importation business.

Before I forget, let me also tell you about this.

For you to successfully do the business of mini importation with little capital, there are products YOU MUST FOCUS on.

We call them the “money maker products”.

These products are not only hot cakes, but are capable of making you 4 to 5 times profit of your investment. We still import these products as we gradually advance from mini importation to something bigger.

In our next email, we will compile a list of some of these products and let you know about them.

So, look forward to our email tomorrow.

Gbeminiyi &  Nasbock
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