Day – 7: Money Making Products


Hot Money Making Products


Congratulation , you made it till today, the 7th day of this e-course.

So, let’s go and check out this important tip today.

We will spare this report of every fluff.

The intention here is to show you some pictorial illustrations/proof of how
dirt cheap you can get items from the importation portals that we have been talking about.

Products you can import at rock bottom prices, get them down to Nigeria for free or  at peanut prices and resell for 3 to 5 times profit of your investment.

We will also try to compare their prices with what they go for in some of our popular local shops.

Android phones and tablet:


Now, if you look at the prices, you’ll notice they are damn cheap. Isn’t it?

The maximum price is about $79.88 which is barely N13,579.00. The range of tablet is about N35,000 above in Nigeria. Selling at the rate of N25,000.00 you will still be making cool profit.


What About This Wristwatch?

That’s $3.16, which is equivalent to N527.72 at the rate of N167/$.

Now, how much do you think such watch will go for in an average Nigerian fashion shop?

As a matter of fact, we spoke with a watch dealer in Nigeria about buying these
same watches in bulk from us, and she gladly agreed to pay me N2,200 per

That is to say, if we end up selling 100 pieces of this same watch to this lady, we would have made N143,514 in profit. You can calculate it by deducting N527.72 from N2,200 (N2,200 – 527.72) and that will be 100 x 1,672.28 which give us N167,228.00 (One hundred and sixty seven thousand, two hundred and twenty eight naira).

That is cool cash, you know.

You can do this over and over in a month right from your computer or cybercafé.

See this… Stainless Steel Mechanical Wrist Watch sells for $19.99


Unbelievable right?

Do you know that someone with 2 hands, 2 legs and 2 eyes like you, has an online shop (not a physical shop…mind you) and he is bold enough to sell some similar wrist watches for about N25,000.00 to N100,000.00?

Just take a look at the site here

Here’s a snapshot from his site:


Are you catching the gist now?


Let’s also look at a jewellery that goes for $3.19.  This is also on one of the import portals we use for mini importation business.

Needless I say that the average Nigerian lady can easily cough out N3,000 to N7,500 for this. Yes, our women are that fashion conscious.

Brazilian Hair

You should know that 7 in every 10 Nigerian ladies want this and will try their best to look good even better than their counterparts.


These are just few products out of hundred and thousands you can ship to Nigeria.

You cannot run out of products to sell to your market.

That is why you need to make up your mind and be part of the business today.

Tomorrow, we will be looking at other important point. Please don’t miss your email.
, you need to become part of our inner circle today because we may be increasing the price of the Mini-Importation Training Kit very soon. 2014-10-01