DEB 1.0 – Free Appreciation Seminar Plus How To Raise Your BootCamp Fee


Yeah, you are probably aware of the free seminar we are organizing as an appreciation to our subscribers for the 1st quarter of the year this coming Saturday, 24th March, 2018. In case you are not, now you know that such seminar is coming up and it is going to be super loaded.

We will be showing you some wonderful opportunities and this is going to be a prelude to our upcoming bootcamp tagged, Digital Entrepreneurs’ Bootcamp 1.0 (DEB 1.0).

DEB 1.0 is stay-in-camp training where you will have 2 full days learning powerful business strategies that will ensure you start making money right from the training venue or within the week of leaving the camp.

DEB 1.0 is coming up on Friday 6th and Saturday, 7th April, 2018 but we will arrive at the camp on Thursday’s evening in preparation for the main event. But this coming Saturday’s 24th free seminar will give me opportunity for me, not to only tell you reason why you need to be part of the bootcamp but to also give you a powerful idea that can help you raise money for the seminar in case raising the fee for the bootcamp seems to be a challenge.

If you have not registered for DEB 1.0 yet and you wish to attend, I will like you to click the link below, read the details about the bootcamp and enter your details to be part of it.

Now, let me give you the reasons why you need to be at the upcoming free appreciation seminar. This seminar will expose you to a lot of information that you will probably pay thousands of naira for.

I will be exposing you to an opportunity that will help you to start your own online business and give you the opportunity to be able to travel around the world at will without ever getting worried on how to sponsor your trip.

The same business idea is what I will be elaborating to you and it can as well help you to raise money for DEB 1.0. It’s such a powerful idea. You will run your business and be able to tour round the world. You need to discover this at the upcoming free seminar, this Saturday.

The second business idea that we will be giving to you is on how to start your own Beekeeping & Honey Production. Most people now prefer honey to sugar. Honey is such a viable product both locally and internationally.

Beside, it is not difficult to start the production. In fact, you don’t need to do any thing after your first little investment. It’s like you are employing bees to start working for you all year round. We will be having an expert on that day, Engr. Waheed Giwa who has been a beekeeper for year. He will be showing you how you can get started. He will also be coming with original honey for sales. So, prepare to be part of this great training. Those that are ready to start will also be opportuned to do that with his full direction.

Another great thing you will be discovering this Saturday is the fact that you can turn all the wastes that create nuisance around you to something valuable. In fact, you can turn them to money. Just imagine you having enough wastes, like kitchen, domestic and office etc and instead of you disposing them, you are guiding them jealously because you know that is money for you.

It sounds crazy, right? But you are going to see practical demonstration of how to turn those useless wastes to gas, kerosene and diesel. After this free seminar, you will be on your way to set yourself free from buying fuel from filling station because you will rather be producing your own fuel and even sell to others.

You will discover this only on Saturday, 24th March, 2018. You don’t want to miss it. Click the link below now to register.


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