DEB 1.0 – Get Trained In Serene Environment That Inspires

Inside the PG Restaurant Hall that will be use for our meals and also for indoor games.

As we get prepared for the Digital Entrepreneurs’ Bootcamp 1.0 (DEB 1.0) this first weekend of April, one of the assignments that my team and I have done is to secure a venue with an environment that will inspire the participants.

Yeah, the training could have been at a hotel, but I want participants to see more than four walls of their small hotel rooms and training hall. We are looking at a place that can be a source of inspiration that can trigger everyone to achieve the ultimate best.

You see, this training is designed to help you have deep reflection with a paradigm shift that will spur you to succeed as an entrepreneur. As you must have read, Covenant University is our chosen venue.

This place is the creation and vision of one man. He did it because he could see the possibility. Some may say, he is a man of God and such thing may not be possible with an ordinary person. But you know what? A lot of people in our world are also doing marvellous and wonderful things. My internet marketing mentor, a very young man at the age of 30 presently has 2 multi-million dollar resorts and the two are of high standard.

To achieve great thing, you need to have what is know as Possibility Mindset. Some will say, you need to have a millionaire’s mindset. What type of mindset is that? How can you have such mindset? These are some of the things we will be discussing at DEB 1.0 and with the environment we have chosen, I am trusting that this concept will get ingrained easily in everybody’s mind.

Our preparation is at top gear and we are ready to host you on Thursday, 5th April, 2018 at Covenant University, Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State. We will be having full day training on 6th and 7th April, 2018. Don’t forget that your feeding and accommodation will be taken care of at the camp. You only need to come, concentrate and learn something that will catapult you to your next level.

I was at the Covenant University last week Thursday, 29th April, 2018 for the final preparation of our training and I took some magnificient pictures of the place we shall be using. Click the link below to check it.

Don’t forget, we shall be doing some intensive training that you will never be able to get at the price we are doing it at DEB 1.0. You will also be getting certificate of participation. As much as possible, make sure you are at the bootcamp.

All our trainers are set and ready to expose you to what they do best.

Yes, there will be a lot of fun too. We are trying to develop a total entrepreneur. We shall be having time for exercise, swimming and games. These are things that can help you to live long. You really want to stay healthy to enjoy the money you are able to make.

So, don’t forget to come with your track suit and swimming trunk.

If you have not registered, click the link below to do so.


Due to the Easter Holiday, we have shifted the payment deadline to Wednesday 4th April, 2018. You can still make your payment for the training on or before the day.


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