DEB 1.0 – How GCA Won Award of Raising Highest Number of Caregivers for ACA

If you have been reading from me for about two months plus now, then you will know that GCA is Ghalp Caregivers Academy and ACA is American Caregiver Association.

We promoted the caregivers’ career opportunity starting from January this year. GCA, through its President, Dr. Olalekan David got a franchise from ACA which empowers the academy to train students in West Africa to become certified caregivers who can work in advanced countries like USA, UK, Canada etc.

MeritChoice went into partnership with GCA to promote and bring the opportunity to Nigerians. Our effort pays off as we were able to raise hundreds of students across the country in just two months. Just this last week, Wednesday, 14th March, 2018, the GCA President was awarded by ACA as the Best Country Director 2018. See the award plaque below.

GCA Award

The fact is that ACA has not have such number of membership within few months before. They were really surprised about the feat. Dr. Olalekan David was at USA to see to the exam’s results of the first batch students and to secure their certificates which will enable the recruiting agent to provide job for the students in USA.

MeritChoice is happy to be part of this and to be the arrowhead for this international achievement.

But do you know that we achieve all these without using TV or radio at any point? We run our advert on low budget but get massive result like someone doing mass media promotion. At a point we were running free awareness seminar 2 or 3 days to the seminar day without any handbill and we still got the whole seminar hall jampacked with people. Many people won’t try that.

At MeritChoice, we understood the game. We have mastered how to run a successful digital promotion with less effort using both internet and mobile technology. Interestingly, anybody can also do the same thing we did to achieve this type of great feat. It is in no way a rocket science and if you desire to learn how to do the same, you can, though many people don’t know how digital marketing works.

That is one of the reasons I am organising the Digital Entrepreneurs’ Bootcamp (DEB 1.0). One of the things I will be teaching at the bootcamp is how you can promote any product or programme of your choice.

You can consult for someone and help them boost their products and services and make cool money doing that. That is the the major training you don’t want to miss at DEB 1.0.

If you have not registered for DEB 1.0, kindly click the link below to register for the bootcamp and learn more about topics that will be covered.

Please note that we are only admitting JUST 100 Participants for this training. If you want to be part of it, you need to make payment a soon as possible so that you can be part of our preparation for the bootcamp which has started already.

Some people have started paying and we are counting the number of participants already. Immediately we have our desire numbers, it won’t be possible for anybody to participate again. So, don’t be left out.


In order to appreciate our customers for the first quarter of the year 2018, we are putting up a free customers’ appreciation seminar on Saturday, 24th March, 2018 and it will happen at the Atinuke Hall, #129, Atinuke Shopping Complex, Beside Rainoil Filling Station, Okota Road, Okota Lagos.

Part of what you will be opportune to learn will be:

  1. How To Be Part of Business & Tour Opportunity
    That Will Not Only See You Making Money from Tour & Travelling But Also See You Travel To Different Exotic Places Around The World Without Ever Bothering On How To Sponsor The Trip.
  2. How To Start Your Own Beekeeping and Honey Production

We started creating awareness about this opportunity December last year but we shall be implementing it after the seminar. Our experienced beekeeper and consultant, Engr. Waheed Giwa will be around to unleash the beekeeping opportunity to us on that day.

  1. How To Turn The Waste Around Your House, Office and Street Into Fuel That You Can Use And Resell To Others

This seminar will really blow your mind. Sometimes ago, I was talking about how I am using the kitchen waste to generating biogas that we are using to cook at home. But what of if I tell you that you can even generate kerosene to cook at home and diesel to run your generator and for any vehicle that is using diesel as fuel without drilling the ground for crude oil or bursting any oil pipeline?

If you don’t believe it is possible, just do me a favour, be at this upcoming free seminar and you will see wonder. I am hoping that some of you will abandon filling stations after attending this seminar because you will see live demonstration of how you can be producing your own fuel.

Also, I will be telling you more about DEB 1.0. So, don’t miss this appreciation seminar, it will be powerful.

Finally, don’t forget that you can still be part of the privilege 100 people to be at DEB 1.0. Click the link below now to register:


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