DEB 1.0 – How To Tap Into Ever Growing Opportunities In Cryptocurrency

I started talking about the upcoming special bootcamp that we tagged Digital Entrepreneurs’ Bootcamp 1.0 (DEB 1.0) this week and we are determined to make it the best ever.

The bootcamp is already gathering a lot of interest. This is going to be stay-in-camp training that will ensure that you don’t only just get trained but start taking action right from the class and getting result.

At the training, we will ensure that all the students launch their first ever online marketing and promotion. You will understand the principle of copywriting, using social media and taking Facebook advert. Just get ready to setup your online business before leaving the class.

I have written a little bit about what is expected and in case you missed my first message on this training, I will like you to click the link below to check it out on our site.

But before I give you further details on this, I want you to know that there is a change in the date for the training again. We have some complaint about the date since it is going to be Easter period.

Some of the students and facilitators that we are expecting for the bootcamps are having programmes during the period. We are therefore shifting it to Friday, 6th to Saturday, 7th April, 2018. The camp arrival date will be on the evening of Thursday, 5th April, 2018.

Now, you can register for the training by clicking the link below:

Even if you are not paying immediately, I will like you to register on the page so that we can keep you updated directly about the bootcamp.

One of the facilitators we shall be having on that day is Sam Nebo. Sam Nebo is a seasoned internet marketers but he has been doing some fantastic work of recent with cryptocurrency. He has spent hours learning how the cryptocurrency works and how to trade with it.

He told me that he has made so much money of recent with cryptocurrency that he decided that is what he wants to retire doing eventually. He said the knowledge he acquired trading with cryptocurrencies has helped him to understand how forex trading, stock market and treasury bill works.

The hours of research has given him leverage with cryptocurrency and he now have deep understanding on how other investment and trading platform works. Simply put, he understands how to make money works for you while you relax as your cash keeps growing.

We have confirmed his availability for the coming DEB 1.0 and you don’t want to miss his class as he will delve into the basics of cryptocurrency and show you how you can tap into the evolving new age currencies.

Don’t forget, we only need just 100 people. The earlier you make the payment to be part of this, the better your chance to be at the bootcamp.

Therefore, go right here to register:


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