DEB 1.0 – Maximum FUN at DEB 1.0, Aerobic, Swimming, Yoga, Games etc

Okay, you remember that proverb that says all work and no play make Jack a dull boy? Yeah, Digital Entrepreneurs’ Bootcamp 1.0 (DEB 1.0) is going to be mentally involving because we are going to be digging deep into financial information that will make each participant that attend the bootcamp to start building wealth immediately we are through from the camp.

But then, we don’t want it to be a dull or boring training. We are coming up with series of activities that will make it fun loaded. Apart from having fun, we want to ensure we build a TOTAL ENTREPRENEUR. A total entrepreneur is someone that is sound mentally, financially, physically and spiritually.

Therefore, if you attend this training, you will enjoy and get trained in these four dimensions of being a total entrepreneur.

You can’t make money if you are not healthy. Even if you make the money, you won’t enjoy it if you are sick. Therefore you need to also be physically sound. That is why aerobic exercise, swimming and yoga is going to be part of what we shall be doing at the camp. That is why you need to be at the camp by Thursday, 5th April, 2018 and be ready to participate in every aspect of the training.

I know some of you know about aerobic exercise. But not every one of us have time to swim or know how to swim. For some of us in busy cities like Lagos, there is hardly chance to take time out to do other things that impact on our health. We are alway busy, get held up in traffic, inhale polluted air full of exhaust wastes, eating late at night, no time for check up and all those stuff. But at the bootcamp, you will get opportunity of retreating, learning and doing few things that impact positively on your health.

So, come prepare because you will swim at the bootcamp or have opportunity to learn how to swim at least, let it be your first time of entering swimming pool if you have not before. Yoga is known as group of physical, mental, spiritual exercises or disciplines that can help to improve your health drastically and make you physically fit and it is part of the exercise and health package we shall be experiencing at the camp.

There should be music to also get you into the flow of the exercise and possibly some of us will be learning some new dancing steps at the camp. One thing is certain, this bootcamp will be fun throughout. Our trainer can’t wait to receive us. He is excited about the idea and I know we are going to get a lot from him.

His name is Mr. Obogo John. He is the trainer at the Sport Centre of Convenant University and he has promised to give us the best. John, nothing will stop you to be a total entrepreneur this year.

If you have not indicated your interest for the bootcamp, kindly do me a favour, click the link below now to indicate your interest.

So, when you are coming to the camp, make sure you come with your track suit, canvas shoes and swimming trunk. It’s time for you to get in shape.

Our exercise will definitely be in the morning. I will be giving you the load down of how it will go. Make sure you don’t miss any of my post.


The choice of our venue for the bootcamp is highly important. The aim is to ensure we get out of the noise in the town. Get opportunity to concentrate and focus. Nobody becomes a winner or successful without having opportunity to retreat, assess himself or herself and relaunch again. It is the way of the eagle.

We have chosen a place that will help you do that. In fact, it is an environment void of the usual type of hustling and bustling of Lagos and traffic. It is an environment that will motive you with cool serene especially at night that will help you to get inspiration that will launch you to your next level.

It is a place where this is no NEPA (or what is their name again) failure. That means, you will experience 24 hours power and water supply in the reality of it (those are the usual manifesto statement by our politicians that never happen) at neat environment and facilities that will help to facilitate our access into the four dimensions of a total entrepreneur.

Our bootcamp is going to be at Covenant University, Otta, Ogun State. We have a good and modern hall with AC to be used for the training. There is a big restaurant for us to eat, relax and even play games. Yes, we will have games like cards, scrable, chess etc for us to relax in the evening after training.

Each participant get a room to himself or herself. Covenant University is just the perfect place for us.

Of course, it also has the swimming pool that we shall be using for our training at the sport complex.

Some people may think Covenant University is far away from Lagos but it is not. It is a straight journey from Lagos especially if you are coming from outside Lagos. Make sure you alight at Berger and take a vehicle going to Sango-Otta. That will cost you just N300.00 to N400.00. Alight at Toll gate and board a Maruwa to Winners (the common name used by transporter for Covenant University). The transport fee should be around N150.00.

Just come into Covenant Univerty, We shall be using the PG Hostel for accommodation which has a standard double bed, AC, toilet and bathroom with a standard wardrobe. You will have opportunity to roll and roll on the bed without getting to the edge of the bed except you prefer to sleep at the edge of the bed.

So, the plan is set, make sure you make your payment because this is going to be explosive. Make sure you are part of this, by clicking the link below now.

Hey, lest I forget. We just secured the presence of a veteran exporter Rev. Godwin Oyefeso. He will be with us at the camp too, he has given us his word. This honourable man of God travels round the world for the export business and he is vast in it. He is currently part of a committee working directly with Vice President of Republic of Nigeria and they are developing some business plans that I believe will benefit Nigerians.

You see, this is where you should be to build some good network that can boost your business and career. You need to connect with great people that can give you the type of link you need to succeed. You see, if you miss this bootcamp, there is no other word for me to say than, “chai, you miss o”.

See you at the bootcamp. DEB 1.0 loading…


Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola
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