Discover 12 Practical Ways Unknown Speakers Can Get Paid Speaking Jobs Anywhere

yinkaimage_thumb_medium250_0Are you a good and passionate speaker but hardly get paid speaking jobs? Then you must read this article. Guess what?  Speaking to get paid is one of the most interesting hobbies you can engage in to earn an income. For those who have passion for speaking  but are yet to make a dime from it, this write-up may perhaps be what you’ve been waiting for.

I have come to realize that there are lots of very good but unknown speakers like you out there who are yet to make money with their skill simply because of the myth that without being popular as a speaker no one can engage or call you. Interestingly, the speaking jobs are there for the taking.

A few years back, I used to fall totally for this myth until I was able to demystify it using creative means.  There are so many motivational speakers, Pastors, Public Speakers, Trainers etc who are gifted but they just don’t have the know-how of how to land that speaking job.

The likes of Fela Durotoye, Lanre Kupoluyi, Niyi Adesanya, Joshua Awesome, Uju Onyechere, Ubong Essien are all typical examples of highly  sought-after speakers who once upon a time where unknown. But today, organizations pay them to speak. Truth is, one way or the other, they had to build a door of opportunity for themselves starting from ground floor up.

Here are 12 practical ways to get paid speaking Jobs even if you are unknown in the industry:

1.Be ready to attack – As an unknown speaker, you must  make up mind  to go in pursuit of  organizations yourself.  I call it the ‘attack strategy’. Never sit down thinking you will be called by anyone.  It is those who seek that finds.

Remember that popular saying that attack is the best form of defence. Also note, that nothing ventured is nothing gained. You must be the one to go in search of a paid speaking opportunity or openings.

It natural for organizations to go-after the popular  speakers who always have their schedules booked. But in this case you have to do the chasing until you get to a level where you have gained popularity and companies come after you. Remember, in pursuit, start from exploring small organizations you can boldly approach.

2. Define your speaking passion and audience – One mistake unknown speakers do is that they narrow themselves to just being a general public/ motivational speaker. Truth is,  you may never catch the attention  of anybody. Organizations are looking for experts (for example in  medical line we have specialist such as: neurosurgeons,paediatrics, obstetrics,opticians etc.) who have what it takes to specifically address their  company challenges.

Niche speakers such as Sam Adeyemi, Fela Durotoye, Lanre Kupoluyi, Remi Dairo, Praise Fowowe, etc. get speaking jobs based on their niches. For example Praise Fowowe speaks on sexuality, Lanre Kupoluyi speaks on image, Remi Dairo speaks on Productivity and on and on like that.  Define yours and go after the right audience.

3. Create a business image –  If you are dead serious about getting paid speaking Jobs, you must project  or position yourself as a business person.  Don’t position yourself as someone who wants to use the skill to pastime. You must  have a business name, even if it’s not officially registered.  Your prospects will respect you and take you serious based on how you brand yourself.

4. Packaging your proposal well – Your proposal is your spokes person even before you’re called for a live presentation. Your proposal will always go before you.  I have lost so many speaking opportunities simply because I treated my proposals with levity. The more professional you are in packaging your proposal, the better you stand a chance of landing  a speaking deal.

5. Present yourself as trainer –  Many times unknown speakers present themselves as just motivational speakers. Truth is, doing this limits your scope before organizations.  In submitting your proposal or introductory letter,project yourself as a trainer or  capacity builder with a motivational flavour.

6.Understand the power of decision makers –  Who are decision makers? They are the one who scan through your proposal to see whether you are worth engaging or not.  They may include the Human Resource Manager, Admin manager, Training manager, Personnel  manager. You must be able to get your proposal to their desk. One easy way to do this is to courier your proposal to them if possible marked confidential. By this you know they’ll read through it.

7. Be ready to speak for free – Believe it or not speaking for FREE opens doors for you like ABC. Let  your prospect  know you have what it takes. The free sessions allows them to access you. You must achieve 2 things when you speak for free: Impart and Impact.

8 . Power of pictures –  Pictures speaks volumes if you are searching for speaking Jobs. Anywhere you have an opportunity to speak, take pictures. They are your evidence to get a paid job in other organizations.  It’s a way of saying you’ve been speaking overtime.

9. Think-out of the box – If you must get jobs as a an unknown speaker you must learn to sharpen your  innovate prowess. You know that competition in the market place is stiff, so, to break out of the clutter, you must  do the unusual to create attention. Take time to THINK because thinking is work.

10. Create visibility for your brand –  As an unknown speaker,  you must create visibility for yourself using a mix of online and offline model.  If you can get yourself a publication where you write as a columnist for free it is very good. Online social media like the Face book, twitter, LinkdIn etc are also  good ways. You can even decide to have your  blog, or website. One major benefit is that your prospect can decide to do a search on you. To avoid been caught in the nap,  take action and be visible.

11. Have your presentation tools – If you are dead serious about getting speaking jobs, you must have your presentation tools. Your tools may include Laptop, palm top, ipad, projector, white board, cordless or pin mics. Any time you do a presentation, your tools add an effect to that presentation.

12 . Create a platform for yourself – Never  depend all your life on others, learn to create your own destiny. In others words, create your own speaking platform eg. A mini academy where you can invite others to come learn from you. When you do this, overtime you become an expert and sought-after.

About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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