Discover The Health Power of Garlic & It’s Market Value

garlicGarlic ranks as one of the most potent remedies of all time. For effectiveness and health benefits, it even challenges some of the conventional medicines  today!
I grew up seeing my father chew raw garlic just like that. They smelled awful. Unknown to me he took them having come to an understanding that they were good for the body system.

Garlic is a powerful agent in controlling cholesterol of two types. We have the HDL and LDL. The latter is shown to be bad for healthy blood circulation. Garlic can help to remove hydroxyl radicals linked to heart diseases as well as low LDL cholesterol in the blood. What then are the benefits of garlic?

Garlic Prevents Cancer
A diet high in garlic may also help prevent a variety of cancers, including prostrate, breast, pancreases colon cancers. Antioxidant found in garlic may neutralize cancer causing nitrosamines. Garlic helps to inhibit tumor growth.

Garlic is a blood Cleanser
Garlic has been shown to improve blood health. It acts as a natural blood cleanser, so when consumed regularly, blood components also form more regularly. This can prevent some serious blood risks and complications like blood clots. In consuming garlic, it must be chopped, sliced or grounded. Consuming processed garlic powder will not give the same benefit as fresh garlic.
Research shows that people who consumed higher amount of garlic and other allium vegetables such as chives, leeks, and onions are less likely to get osteoarthritis than those who didn’t consume as much.

Garlic prevents cold if eaten regularly, fight bacteria in the blood, help fight acne on all parts of the body and make an individual more alert and healthier overall.

Make Money Supplying Garlic
Do you know you can start making money as a supplier of garlic to the marketplace? Do you know that people now export grounded garlic to European countries? Well, if you doubt it, it’s to your peril. Truth is, if you know where to source the product, then, you are on the path to wealth. Perhaps, you have a link to where exporters can buy for cheap or directly from farmers, then you are sure to make something out of  the garlic wealth.   

Samuel Adekeye – Is a trained Nutritionist and a Public Speaker on human Nutrition. He has had opportunities to speak at various platforms.

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