Discover How To Become A Certified Caregivers & Gain International Opportunity to Work In Countries Like America, Canada, Europe, UAE, South Africa et.c.

The caregivers’ career is a rare opportunity for you to make positive impact in our world, not only on local stage but at international level.

Do you love people? Do you desire to see the wellbeing of individuals around you? Do you like to care for the sick, elders, children or assist busy persons to handle things that impact on them physically and emotionally?

Then, caregiving service is for you.

Secondly, do you desire to work in countries beyond the shore of your nation, thus providing you international opportunity to earn as you do what you like?

If this goes well with you, then brace up to discover how you can become a certified caregiver with a reputable and well-known organisation, American Caregivers Association (ACA).

ACA has been in existence since 1985 and has one of the most respected certifications in caregiving in United State of American and in other countries of the world.

With ACA certification, you will be well positioned for fulfilling caregiving career and job opportunities in different countries of the world like United State, Canada, Australia, Bahrain, South African, Cyprus, Paris, UAE etc.

Presently, there are over 2,800 openings and positions for caregivers in USA that need to be urgently filled by men and women who love to give care.

Register on the form at the right hand side and you will be able to download the Special Report ebook below to get all the details of how you too can participate.

Interestingly, previous experience is not required. The first and most important qualification is love for others and passion to help and care for people.

You only need to get trained in your country and after, be ready to become an “Ambassador of Love and Care” around the world.

You can be part of caregiving if you are 18 years and above with minimum of Senior Secondary School Certificate Education (SSCE) or O’ Level qualification.

This might also be an interesting career if you are already in health sector or interested in personal health care.

Therefore, nurses, medical assistant, nursing assistant,  home health aide, therapist, clinical laboratory technician etc can also be part of the training.

The Caregivers Opportunity Awareness Seminar is absolutely free but you need to register. We have venues for the seminar as we are taking it round the country.

Here are the venues and dates:

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