Live Training With Sam Nebo
Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing

Sam Nebo is a typical success story with cryptocurrency trading right here on Nigeria soil.

This young man, who was more into internet and multi-level marketing discovered something some few month ago with cryptocurrency and that made him to quit every other small small business ideas he was running to fully concentrate on cryptocurrency as his main source of income.

About a year and some months ago, he suddenly stumbled into a cryptocurrency idea that turned a meagre $100 (about N37,000) he invested into cryptocurrency into $40,000 (N14,800,000).  You could see why he paused every other business idea to concentrate on the new idea he found with cryptocurrency.

So, what did he do with cryptocurrency that made the difference?

Of course, every other person has invested into cryptocurrency too. At least 6 out of 10 people I have come across lately have heard and probably invested into cryptocurrency but hardly will you see  anyone of them making so much money with their investment.

Many of the people are just doing what I called, follow follow. They never know what works and how to make money from crypto investment. Some have even lost their money with different schemes like referral programme, MLM, pyramid, fake high yield investment programmes that asked them to use their cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to pay for all these useless services.

So, what did Sam Nebo did differently that most people are not doing?

Sam discovered and fully got involved in Cryptocurrency Investing & Trading.

For several months while doing his finding and making money quietly, he refused to teach anybody about this crypto idea. But of recent, some of us persuaded him to share his knowledge and stop being selfish.

This coming week, he will be running a live training where he will show attendees exactly how to start with cryptocurrency trading.

This training usually goes for N25,000.00 but he is running this for a limited time for JUST N15,050.00. I can bet with you that if you miss this live training, you will NEVER get it for that price again.

Here is the details of the training below:

DATE: Saturday, 1st September, 2018
VENUE: WHITE HOUSE, 90B Okota Road, Opposite Abbey Mortgage, Near Chemist Bus Stop, Isolo, Lagos.

FEE: N15,500.00

Here are the thing you will learn with practical at the live training:

Mental Alertness Needed To Effectively Cash-In To The Market
Cheapest Way To Buy Bitcoin From Nigerian Bank Account
How To Store And Secure Your Cryptocurrency Accout
Learning the Art and Science of Crypto Portfolio Management
Best Exchanger to Buy ALtcoin
Understanding Cryto Market Structure
Understandy Market Psychology
How To Use Support and Resistance To Your Advantage
The Art of Trading Trendlines

Secret of Investing Into ICOs
Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy

This training is NOT another theoretical class, you should prepare to start immediately from the class. Come with your internet enabled devices to be able to fully commence your investment and trading.

If you are attending, kindly fill the form at the right hand side. You will be able to get payment instruction and we will be able to reach you with other helpful information and prepare adequately for you.


Sam Nebo,
CEO, Fab Ondemand Intl
Training Converner:
Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola,
CEO, MeritChoice Limited