Get 50,000 Email Addresses to Start Your Internet Marketing Business

Time Limited Offer – Expires on Friday, 5th May, 2017

Have you been trying to start your internet business while putting all possible effort to generate traffic but to no avail? Have you tried different methods like blogging, posting on social media, posting on forum, doing SEO, freelancing, writing articles, guest posting, spending a lot of money on buying traffic but, unfortunately, your effort convert little or no sale?

You know what? You are actually on a very long thing!

There is ONLY one method of getting traffic that works. All the experts in Internet marketing industry attest to this. It is the only unfailing turnkey to make it faster online. It’s like the internet gurus need to get to a mountain top or highest peak in the world to shout it to anyone that is interested in making money online that, “YOU NEED TO GET YOUR OWN LIST”!

Yes, if you have not heard the statement, MONEY IS IN THE LIST before, you are probably new to doing business online or do I say, you have probably been living in a What is a LIST? It is simply the database of email addresses of potential buyers of your products or services.

When you have it, you just have to send email to the list repeatedly and pronto, the money start dropping in your bank account. I have been in this industry for over 10 years and it still amazes me how this method keeps working at any time.

But having a list won’t have been a problem if it has not been difficult to just get email addresses of people. But it has never been easy to do that. You need to know how to generate traffic to get email addresses of the people.  You need to build your own opt-in, squeeze or landing page. You need to pay for traffic to get people to your list and to build 5,000 list of people may take you months and even years.

But today, I will be giving you a lift in that aspect!

I want to help you move your online business from crawling to flying, in a twinkling of an eye.

What of if you can get a responsive list of people who can start responding to your promotion in just few hours from now? What of if you have a leverage that can turn you to become an instant internet successful business man or woman?

What of if I give you one of the email lists that I often send message to for you to start your online business right away?

Hmmh… don’t stress your brain to keep thinking because right NOW, all those juicy ideas are available for you.

In the next few days, I will want to give you 50,000 (fifty thousand) emails addresses that you can start promoting to immediately. You can send email to them. These are confirmed email addresses of Nigerians.

You can promote different products to them and possibly build a different list out of the 50,000 list. The choice is yours. I mean, you own the list forever.

You may probably be wondering why I am giving out this hot list of contacts?

Yes, I really don’t sell list. But I am doing this to assist those that are subscribing to our new working MagicReponder system at This is one of the best autoresponder systems that is developed in Nigeria to purposely serve Nigerian market.

That is why this is a privilege offer. It will only be available for JUST A Week. You will be able to get it between now and Friday, 5th May, 2017. I really don’t even want a lot of people to have it. Therefore if I feel like we are having too many people subscribing to the list, I may even be tempted to stop the service before Friday, 24th March. You will just come to this page and discover it is down.

Therefore, hurry up now to get yours before it is too late.


My Valuable Bonus

If you get this our 50,000 list today, then, I will give you 50% discount on any subscription you did with That means, if you go for 1,000 contacts of N2,000 per month, you will only pay just N1,000.00 and if you go for a subscription of N5,000 per month for 5,000 contacts, you will only pay N2,500.00 and so on.


Our Alloyed Support for You

When you get the email addresses, we know you may want to start using our system to execute your promotion. We will be ready to assist you technically with what you need.

To get started, just enter your details in the form here.


What Will I Pay for This Uncommon Opportunity?

Yes, we are making it affordable for you. You see, to generate traffic and to build a list is very expensive. For example, I noticed of recent that I was paying $1/person to get new subscriber from my Facebook advert. You know how much that is with the recent dollar rate?

That was around N500/person when I did the advert. But I knew list is the lifeblood of any online business, so, I continue paying Facebook to have new subscribers.

But your case is different. You are getting this list on platter of gold. If I charge you 1 million naira for 50,000 email addresses, it is never too much. You know why, multiply 500 naira with 50,000 email addresses and tell me how much it is. That is about 25 million naira. That is what you will spend if you dare build you email list at that rate.

But I won’t charge you that much.

If I charge you 10 naira per email you will still have to pay about N500,000.00 (five hundred thousand naira) to get the list. But I won’t do that. I will only ask you to pay a meagre of 50kobo (fifty kobo) per email.

Therefore for the 50,000 email addresses that you are starting with, you are just paying N25,000.00 (twenty five thousand naira).

50,000 Contacts = ₦25,000.00 (50kobo per contact)

How excited are you about that?

That is a great deal.

I believe it will take you months if you are an expert to have that list and years if you are a starter. Why won’t you embrace this with your two hands?

Now, I want you to put in your details to take your order now. Apart from that, I will want to ensure we help you to get started immediately. I want to ensure you get value for the money you are paying.

Are you ready to be the next internet marketing breakthrough testimony?

Enter your details right now and let get started.