My name is Chikezie Oradiegwu, a Fiverr freelancer.

I currently make over N100k+ Monthly from Fiverr doing what I love to do. In fact, the service I presently provide on Fiverr that now make me money was the same thing I used to do for free without collecting any dime for the service.

For you to know that I am not cooking up any money-making story, I will like you to login by entering your name, email and phone number at the form at the right and I will show you my Fiverr account and the earning I have made so far.

But my story was not as that exciting from the beginning. It was really rough financially for me starting with my life.

Making over 100k+ monthly is like a miracle to me because I was a struggling dude for many years.

Before I discovered Fiverr, I used to work with one NGO where I got paid with N25,000.00 per month even with my master degree.

Things were so tough for me so much that I hardly able to feed myself sometimes.

Sometimes, I have to borrow money from my church to survive through some months. But my story changed the day I discovered Fiverr.

I couldn’t even raise the money to attend the seminar and I was assisted through a cooperative society to pay N25,000.00 for the training. After the training, my life took a new turn around financially.

I started providing my freelance service precisely July, 2017 and by November, I have made over $1,500.00. You will see the video when you enter your detail in the form here.

Dollar to Naira exchange rate has been favourable to me too. The exchange rate has been high and you know, I get paid in dollar and it is really sweet to make dollar. Even if I am going to be looking at average rate of N360 to $1, if you multiply it, that will give me about N540,000.00 for my over $1,500. Divided it by 5, which is for the 5 months that I have been working on Fiverr, that will give you about N108.000.00.

That means, I have been making average of over N100,000.00 every month.

Another interesting part of it is that I don’t work every time. I also choose the job I want to do.

If I am not willing to work, I will set my Fiverr account to vacation mode and I can go and do other things I like. Then, I come back to get other jobs that are always waiting for me.

I see no reason why anyone should suffer like I did for years even with my Master Degree. You don’t even need to have certificate to work on Fiverr. A secondary school student can conveniently be making hundreds of thousands monthly on Fiverr in as much he or she has a skill that is on demand on Fiverr.

It does not need to be a complex skill at all. It can be as simple as helping someone to enter some data online and you get paid in dollar.

In fact, you will be surprised about some things that people do on Fiverr that is making them money. You will probably think nobody will pay for some things but when you check it out some of the services are getting heavily paid for.

Today, with Fiverr, there is no genuine reason why anyone should be unemployed or under-employed as I was before.

I have decided to show to as many people that are having financial challenges like I was sometimes ago, how they can experience financial breakthrough by providing freelance services on Fiverr.

I will like you to join me at my next seminar and let us explore the unending opportunities on Fiverr together.

DATE: Thursday, 23rd August, 2018
TIME: 10am
VENUE: 90B Okota Rd, Opp. Abbey Microfinance, Near Chemist B/Stop, Isolo,Lagos.

FEE: N15,500.00 (Payment before seminar day)
N20,500.00 (Payment on the seminar day)

I have learnt several other things which I was not even taught which I will be giving to you. I have discovered tools and resources which will make the work easier for you.

If you are serious about having a drastic financial change, then, Fiverr is a platform you need to look out for.

I will like you to enter your details at the right hand side, watch me login to my Fiverr account and see how much that I have made so far.

Then, I will love to receive you on the seminar day.

Login right now and I will see you on the inside.

If you are interested, kindly fill the form at the right hand side even if you are not paying immediately. This will help us to reach you with other helpful information and also prepare adequately for you.

Seminar Facilitator

Chikezie Oradiegwu,
Fiverr Freelancer & Trainer

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