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Beekeeping is a kind of agribusiness that undoubtedly impacts our world, if the quote attributed to the great scientist, Albert Einstein is correct. He once said, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” Hmmh… that is really profound.

Apart from that, the economic and health benefits of the products produced by honeybees are immeasurable.

Do you realise that many people have started dropping the use and consumption of sugar for honey because it is healthier to eat honey than sugar? Despite the fact that honey is more expensive more people are embracing the natural sweetener as they are getting to know that too much in-take of sugar can create some health issues to the body.

Of course, this reason alone is creating high demand for honey and it is helping local beekeepers to generate more income. Apart from honey sales within the local market, honey is also an exportable product that is being demanded on international level. This is definitely another opportunity to earn foreign exchange.

Are you also aware that it is not only honey that beekeepers get from beekeeping? There are other by-products that are produced by honeybees that are very useful to mankind. One of the products is beewax and it is largely used in cosmetic industry. It is used in preparation of polishes, varnishes, floor polish, crayons, shoe polish, leather preserves, paint, water-proofing in textile industries and many other products. Beewax is also in high demand in international market.

Other products that beekeeper can also harvest includes propolis, royal jelly, pollen and all these are of great benefits while bee venom is also being used in medicine for treatment.

Interestingly, anyone with passion for this agribusiness can start with an affordable budget. What is mostly required is hive (a kind of wooden or iron house designed for the bees) and understanding of how to bait them to live in the hive.

Beekeeping is totally different from most of the other animal husbandry as you don’t need to feed the bees because they can take care of themselves by sourcing for nectars to make honey which is their food. You don’t need to give them water, they will source for water by themselves if they need it.

They are capable of taking care of themselves as they naturally have sense of direction with the queen being the head of the colony. This is one of the reasons why beekeeping is not as stressful as other farming and it requires less of your time. You only need to ensure that there is nothing threatening the hive you make for the bees.

All things being equal, it takes 3 to 4 months for bees to produced matured honey that a beekeeper can start harvesting and generating income from.

We have been so awed by this wonderful creature and we are very excited to bring the awareness of beekeeping to everyone that is interested in keeping this amazing insect that improves the ecosystem by increasing plant reproduction. We have a free eReport you can download to learn about how you too can start the agribusiness.

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Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola,
CEO, MeritChoice Limited