On Saturday, 3rd June, 2017, I shall be teaching 2 important keys that every internet marketers need to make astonishing success online.

The first has to do with Email Marketing and Building Your Mailing List. Believe me honestly, there is no other efficient method of doing internet marketing business like sending email directly to the people. If you have used email marketing before, you will discover that the response is always instant and awesome.

But there is often a barrier for those that want to start email marketing to promote their products or services. Most of the time, they find it difficult to get the email addresses of those that are interested in their products. They don’t know how to do that. Some spend a lot of money and time to gain customers, but only get handful of people to subscribe to their list or surprisingly to them, they don’t have anybody subscribing at all.

That is why this coming Saturday is a special one because I will be teaching you the strategy we have used to build responsive list of about 90,000 subscribers and it is still growing.

Part of the training will be on how you can use both free and paid Facebook ads to increase your subscription based and make more sales through the method.

I was chatting recently with someone that said he paid for Facebook ads but didn’t get any result and he discovered he was wasting money. I asked him how he did the Facebook ads and I realised every thing he did was completely wrong. But at my seminar, you will learn the right way to do it.

The second training will focus on Copywriting. Copywriting is a skill you must acquire to become an outstanding internet marketer. You know what? People may not know you, they might not have spoken or seen you before, but your writing is the first and available representation of you to your potential subscribers and prospective customers.

Your copywriting is your salesman in black and white. If it represents you wrongly, then, it blows up your sales.

There is a way we write that make people to bring money from their pocket. You want to write an ads in such a way that the person that reads it will not be able to sleep until he or she has sent you the money for the product or service you are providing.

You know, internet marketing is heavily embedded with writing. You will need to write email, write your social media post, write your blog, write your ads, write your sales copy and all these must be convincing enough for people that are interested in your offer to buy.

Therefore, acquiring copywriting skill is not an option to your online success, it is a MUST for anyone that is interested in becoming exceptional successful.

The Day Training & Discussion In Perspective

Below are the thing you will be learning at the training:

  1. How To Easily Build & Grow Your Email List From The Scratch Spending Little or No Cash
  2. How To Write Effective Copy That Get People To Subscribe To Your List & Buy From You
  3. How To Generate Traffic To Build Your List Using Free and Paid Facebook Ads

Training Fee

This training is done with a lot of financial consideration for anyone that wants to attend. The value of this training is more than N25,000.00 but then, we have beat it down to make it affordable for all. There is discount of N2,500.00 for MEMMA Starter Members.

Fee: N7,550.00
MEMMA Starter Fee:  N5,050.00
Time: 11am

Lagos Date: Saturday,  3rd June, 2017
Lagos Venue: MeritChoice Office, 129, Atinuke Shopping complex, Block F, Beside Rain Oil Filling Station, Cele Bus Stop, Okota Road, Isolo, Lagos.

Ibadan Date: Friday,  7th July, 2017
Ibadan Venue: Jesus Cares Bible Church, #28, Olabo Street, Oke-Itunu, Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State.

In case you will like to know more about MEMMA Starter or want to become a member, simply click here for more information.

Kindly fill the form here to indicate your intention to be part of the seminar. We will give you further information about the training and how to make your payment. Thanks.

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