Get Phone Numbers of Different States in Nigeria to Promote Your Products/Services and Start Getting Fantastic Sales Result


Have you been looking for a way to instantly get your products and services across to a lot of people that are likely going to be interested in them? Have you spent so much on advertisement and getting low result?

Have you thought about the better way to target a particular area, local government or state which you believe will be suitable for your product or service?

Now, I want to congratulate you because that solution you are looking for is here. You probably have received promotional SMS before on your phone. There is possibility that you have even responded to such promotions in the past.

The truth is that SMS works. The result is awesome and to achieve that is not far-fetched.

The opening rate of SMS is high because you are literally putting your information in the palm of the people’s hand. The number of mobile phones being used in Nigeria today has increased exponentially, almost everyone carries a handset.

When you send them SMS, most of the time, they don’t have choice than to open it. Even if the receiver of the message is not interested, somehow, he will be forced to see the message preview or fully open it before deleting.

Here is how the SMS strategy works.

If you are able to send SMS out to various phone numbers, the people are “forced” to open it and along the way, some of them fall in love with the message and respond to you and that makes SMS marketing a great one.

But then, how do you get phone numbers of those that you can target? I mean genuine and working phone numbers of people in a particular states or local government that can respond to your offer?

Today, you are having that great opportunity to have access to the phone numbers of millions of Nigerians who clutch to their handsets every day and are literally compelled to read your promotional message and respond as your message grabs their attention.

Right now, you can get the phone numbers of people in different states of the country and target them for your promotion. In fact, you can target local government areas of different states of the country.

For a state like Lagos, you can even target specific areas.

To get your phone numbers, you just need to pay a token to have access to this. I believe the result you will get from this may be one thousand times what you are investing to acquire it.

Yes, I have personally used SMS to invite people to my seminar.

I have used the same SMS to help some people promote their services and products and I get paid for it. They don’t even have access to the phone numbers, so I keep making constant money from them. Right now, I will give you all the phone numbers and you can start using them as you like and making all the profit from whatever you are selling with it.

Here are the prices for the phone numbers:

Lagos State = N20,000.00
(It comes with the names, sexes and areas of the state residents)

Other State = N5,000.00
(It comes with the local government of area of the states’ residents)

All State Without Lagos = N50,000.00

All State Plus Lagos = N60,000.00

To take your order, fill the form below, we will give you the payment information and you can instantly download the phone numbers after submitting the form.

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