How to Create Graphics
and Ebook Cover

for Your
Internet Marketing
Promotion Using Photoshop

Online, it is a known fact that content is king.

But you hardly have a convincing content online without giving it an expression with a graphic. There are about four major ways you can use to create content online.

  1. Writing
  2. Video
  3. Audio
  4. Graphic (images)

But out of these 4 ways started above, one is unique and often comes up to give expression to other ones and that is graphic. For example, if you write an article, you will like to have a matching image that will give your write up expression.

Most of the time, people may not be attracted to your writing even if it is one of the most powerful articles that is ever written. It is not that people won’t read it but a poorly written article will enjoy the first glance and attention of people simply because images have a kind of attractive magic that pull people towards your write up. That is why you will always need graphic with your write up.

If you get on Youtube, you will discover that videos have image thumbnails. The video you are likely going to click is the one that has attractive image. Therefore, if you want people to view your video the more, you need to deliberately create a custom thumbnail that will get more people clicking on your video.

If you don’t have the skill to design a good graphic, you may not have the privilege of getting more people to view your video online. Of course, the same applies to audio.

Another reason you want to learn how to use Photoshop is because as an internet marketer, you will need to use a lot of images on social media to give your products more expressions, for advertisement and creating awareness.

Sometimes, what you want to do is just minimal, something as small as retouching your image. But if you don’t have Photoshop skill, you will be forced to outsource all your work and spend more.

If you don’t care so much about the money what of the time you spend waiting to get back your design? At times, you may not even have the graphic designer available as he may be busy with other jobs and you would have no choice than to wait.

I have experienced that before when the graphic work I outsourced for a client’s project dragged for weeks because the graphic designer did not do the job on time.

With these few points, you know it is important that you should learn how to design your own graphic with Photoshop. Interestingly, it is not difficult to design with Photoshop. I have always been scared about using Photoshop for a very long time because I have the feeling that it is a complex application.

But surprisingly, I learnt how to use Photoshop in less than a day. I believe you too can.

What Are The Things You Will Learn

  1. The rudiment of Photoshop
  2. How to create attractive ads banner of various sizes with Photoshop
  3. How to retouch your images like clearing red eyes in a picture, removing pimples, cloning and toning part of the image.
  4. How to remove background of an image and give it another nice-looking sassy background
  5. How to create Youtube Thumbnail
  6. How to create Twitter header and image post
  7. How to create blog title image
  8. How to create Facebook and Instagram post images
  9. How to create Facebook Ad images
  10. How to create logo and blog title images
  11. How to create ebook and turn it into a 3 dimension images of different type using your Photoshop
  12. Where to get design ideas that can help you keep coming up with eye catching designs every time.

Certificate of Participation

You will also be given Certificate of Participation after the training.

It Will Be Practical Base

This will be a practical training. You are expected to come with your laptop as you must design your first graphic before leaving the class.


Training Fee:

N5,050.00 – Payment before seminar day
N7,550.00 – Payment on the seminar day

This is your chance to acquire that skill and become proficient with Photoshop. Don’t miss this opportunity as it will greatly enhance your online contents and help you attract more sales.

Kindly register by filling the form at the right hand side even if you are not paying immediately. This will help us to furnish you with further information that can help you.


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