How To Start A Profitable Rice Production and Processing

- Gain practical experience by learning directly from our farm

- Learn the nitty gritty of the rice farming business

- Learn how to get financial support from FADAMA, BOA/CBN and other available organisations.

Now you can have a real live and on farm practical training on rice production/processing and tap into the multi-billion naira rice business.

Yes, rice is the most consumable food in Nigeria and Nigeria spent about $2.6 billion dollar yearly to import the processed grain into the country. Here is the way Daily Trust reported it some years back:

A former minister of commerce and industry, Engr. Charles Ugwuh, has said that Nigeria spends $2.6 billion (about N517.5 billion) annually to import 3million tonnes of rice, describing the situation as unhealthy for the country.

Ugwuh, who spoke in Abuja, urged the new government to consider banning rice importation, calling on the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) to protect the nation’s borders against rice smuggling.

He said: “We can grow rice and save the over US $2.6 billion per year we currently spend on rice importation. We call for a total ban on rice importation for at least five years to enable Nigeria to produce its own food. The nation can be self-sufficient in rice.”

Source: Daily Trust – 2nd June, 2015

In fact the amount stated above was when naira-dollar exchange rate was still about N200 to $1. Now, the rate is about N500 to $1, it shows our country is spending more on rice importation and that is also depleting our foreign exchange reserve.

It means, if you go into rice production, there is already big existing market of insatiable people that always need rice. Nigerians are fond of rice and they had developed different delicacies from it, like white rice, jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice, ofada rice with spiced stew and we even have flour rice that is used in making  “swallow” known as Tuwo Shinkafa.

As it is, there is a lot of initiative by the government to ensure that we produce our own rice in Nigeria. There is a lot of support from organisations including World Bank to support rice production in Nigeria. One of the initiatives is FADAMA Project that is providing fund for rice farmers to be able to produce more rice for Nigerian populace.

Presently, we have BOA/CBN Rice Anchor Borrower Programme which is focused at ensuring that farmers get supported to produce rice. More of these supports are now available. But then, there is one aspect you need to perfect before jumping into getting loan or grant to start rice production or processing, you need to have adequate knowledge of the agribusiness.

Rice production is a bit technical than most of the other crops, though it is very profitable than many other crops. You need to master how to plant rice till the time of harvest.

There are lot of things to know including the species of rice that are available, the type of soil that is good for planting rice, the three major phases of rice, the method of planting it, application of fertilizer and herbicide and its appropriate timing, understanding of rice maturity and harvesting, bird scaring and methods to be adopted for that.

You want to also know how to effectively manage the farm, how to get people to help you, machinery and some of the costs that are involved. These are the things you need to know that will give you confidence to get loan/grant or invest into the agribusiness.

That is what we want to show and teach you.

Though, we’ve seen some funny trends in our country whereby people are trained on farming business without stepping to the field. Without having a live experience about how things are done on the farm. The organizer get people into a nice hotel hall fitted with AC and trained people about how to plant without even seeing how it is done.

That is not training, we can say that is AWARENESS, though, it is still not out of place but the real training must be on field and that is why you need to come to our farm where you can practically see how it is done.

If you really want to learn, then you should be at the farm with us where we can actually show you what we are doing and how you can do it too.

In fact, you will be able to practice some of training by yourself.

Here are the pictures of some of our trainees at MeritChoice Agric Villa

The Location for Our Training

Presently, we have a farm that we are developing at Ihunbo, Ogun State which is known as MeritChoice Agric Villa.

That is the location where the practical training will take place.

For details about the MeritChoice Agric Villa, enter you details at the form on this page.

Training Fee:

The training is N10,050.00.

This includes training manual.

You will also be able to cook your food with the help of the Farm Manager during the training. It’ll be a lot of fun doing this as you will know how we cope and live while on farm. May be if you are lucky, we’ll get bush meat while on the farm. It’s time to experience the farm life.

Training Date:

    • For the available training day, kindly check the Select Seminar Date in the form at the right hand side.

Kindly fill the form at the right handside accurrately. You will be able to get further instructions as per the training when you enter your details. 

By: Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola,
CEO, MeritChoice Limited