How To Create HOT Selling Video ProductWith Your Laptop & Mobile Phone Without Spending a Kobo to any Professional  

How To Create HOT Selling Video Product With Your Laptop & Mobile Phone Without Spending A Kobo To Any Professional.

When internet marketing started, ebook was the king. Everybody wants to create ebook because ebooks were selling like hot cake then. Ebook still sell but video has taken over. More people are interested in video because it gives both audible descriptive and visual explanation.

Today, video marketing is taking over the normal text-only sales letter. You will hardly see a salepage that doesn’t have video. Why is it so? People are more attracted and responsive to video. It works. It converts skeptics to buyers.

Likewise, people now prefer to buy information products that are packaged as video. The reason is simply because people can understand the concept better by watching it being done rather than reading it and being mentally forced to create the visual image of the concept in their brain or mind.

Therefore, the valued price of video information product is always higher than that of ebook or text only material. It is no brainer for anyone that wants to jack up his or her profit at this time in age to embrace video marketing and video product creation.

The challenge is that a lot of people think you need to invest so much to get started. Some think you may need high end professional to assist you to do that. Yes, there are some highly priced professionals that will give you charges that will make your head spins, but you don’t need to spend your feeding allowance to get out good, accepted and viral video that will give you good money in return to your little effort.

In fact, I can tell you that you have the tools that are needed to come up with good marketing and product video now. If you have a phone and laptop, you are in a great video production business already, though, you don’t know. You can produce the video with your phone, capture the screen of your laptop to teach people some technical concept on your system and edit the video to suit your purpose and plan.

In fact, you can churn out 10 video in a day if you want and create viral video that will push your brand to the public and help you to make fantastic sales with your information video products. You are not even limited to produce only information based video, you can also start creating entertaining video that will help you to have a lot of following on social media.

Can It Be So Easy To Produce Video & Make Money With It?

My answer to that question is a BIG Yes!

It is very possible and I am ready to help you with the answer in my upcoming training. In fact, you won’t leave the training without producing your first ever video if you have not done one before.

You will edit it and upload it by yourself on YouTube.

But the training is not just about creating video for pleasure’s sake, I will be teaching you how to come up with money making idea that you can compile as video product that you can start selling. That is the real essence of the video marketing training.

There is a lot of product in your brain and mind that you can turn to video product but a lot of people don’t know. I will help you uncover it that day. In fact, I will tell you how to turn some seemly trivial issue to money making idea.

Here Are Some of What You Will Learn from Me on The Training Day

  • How to create information and entertaining profit making products with your mobile phone and laptop
  • How to come up with hot selling products and package it in video format
  • How to create sales video to market your products or services online
  • How to produce viral entertaining video and use it to strategically market your online product and services.
  • How to easily edit your video to give you the perfect effect that you so much desire.
  • How to remove noise from your video’s audio, add captions, title and images to it that make it looks like a professional production.
  • How to create different format of your video for Youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook or probably for CD or DVD packaging.
  • How to create your own YouTube Channel and start your own online TV station.
  • How to monetize your video and get paid regularly from Google.
  • How to become a partner with MeritChoice Limited in assisting you to market your information video product online.

 Bonuses for Attending The Seminar 

For attending the seminar, I will give you:

  1. The professional editing software that we use to create our own video for free. The worth of this software is $300 that is about N120,000.00 (one hundred and twenty thousand naira) with our current fluctuating exchange rate.
  2. You will go home with one of our produced hygienic household products like dish wash, hand wash, air freshener, shampoo etc.

Requirements for the Training

Please, note that this training is going to be purely practical; therefore you are expected to prepare for it and come with 3 important tools for the class:

  1. Your mobile phone – The one that can record video
  2. Your laptop
  3. Internet connection

Note that you will upload your video to your YouTube Channel after creating your video during the class training. Therefore it will be good for you to come with your internet connection to have the full experience of how to get everything done.

Certificate of Participation

We will give you a duly signed certificate of participation with the name of our business academy, MeritChoice Business Academy (MBA). We hope to become the best business training outfit in Nigeria and it will be a pride for you to get attestation for attending our training.

Training Fee

I know that this type of highly quality training should be well priced for the convener to make good profit. If we priced it N100,000 or N50,000.00, I know it worth it because it is a more or else like a professional training that you will hardly pick by the roadside.

But I have decided to bring the money down drastically, just to cover the training expenses and to allow more people to learn about this skills and tricks that only few privileged individuals use to acquire a lot of fame and wealth both online and in the media world.

The price for it is just going to be:

 N10,050.00 Only (for Non-MEMMA Members)

N5,050.00 Only (for Pro-MEMMA Members)

N7,550.00 Only (for Starter-MEMMA Members)

You have noticed that this is a massive discount for MEMMA members and you may probably be wondering what MEMMA is all about. These are the potential online millionaires we are training to take over the Nigeria and very soon, the international internet market. To know more about this, visit

So, it will be good for you to grab this opportunity NOW and be part of the training on Saturday,14th January, 2017  because, we will not keep the price as low as that at the next training.

Topic: How To Create HOT Selling Video Product With Your Laptop & Mobile Phone Without Spending A Kobo To Any Professional

Date: Saturday 14th January, 2108

Time: 10am prompt

Venue: 129, Atinuke shopping complex, Block F, Cele Bus stop Okota Road, Isolo Lagos.

Click here for map directions

Fee: N10,050.00 (for non-MEMMA members, N5,050.00 for MEMMA Pro  members and N7,550 for Memma Stater members)
Please note that the registration on the venue at the seminar day attract N1550 extra. We therefore encourage you to pay before the seminar day

Training Coach: Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola, CEO, MeritChoice Limited
If you intend to attend the seminar, I will want you to go right away and register by filling the form at the right hand EVEN if you are NOT Paying immediately. We will give you the full instruction on how to make your payment and also pass across to you any useful information as the need arises.
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