Tell me, how will anyone claim to have online business without having a website?

And at this time of age, how will someone not consider having an online presence by getting his or her own website? It is no longer news that Internet has provided our world with a huge level of opportunities.

Everybody and everything have now found their ways to the internet. From entertainment, to fashion, to business, to politics the list is unending. Some individuals that don’t even have startup capital but only found their ways to be on internet simply manage to start online by blogging and today some of them are super online stars raking millions in cash monthly and doing far better than those that have the “big cash” to start offline business.

Internet is a leveller and it comes with great leverage

My point is that, you can’t be left out. You need to make your presence felt online by having your own website. Your website is like your own real estate on the internet. That is where people can find you, see what you are doing, buy product from you or patronize your services. It is like your home online.

Though, you may be on social media but you don’t own the platform. One stupid policy from the social media ‘s company may collapse your entire business. Social media must enhance your own website by using it as an opportunity to drive visitor to your site.

If you have a fantastic idea you want people to know, the best way is to blog regularly about it on your site and before you know it, you will become authority in that aspect.

You probably may not need someone to convince you about how importance it is to get a website, especially if you have been online for a while and know how helpful it can be for your personal branding, special project promotion or business. You might have tried to get one in the past but couldn’t afford the amount of money it will take a webmaster to develop it for you.

I had the same experience too when I started online. I wanted to have my own site, the amount the guy that supposed to help me was calling was way beyond me then. He was my colleague in school and I just figured it out that if he could do it, why couldn’t I? That was why I decided to learn about how to design a website simply because I didn’t have the money but I still needed to have my own website.

Possibly, you even tried to learn how to design website by yourself because you can’t pay the fee but you got frustrated along the way because the whole thing is just damn too technical.

I got to a point too when I was learning how to design website and I needed to outsource part of the work to an experienced programmer because the technical aspect of the design, the html, javascript, PHP, CSS were just too much for me to initially cope with.

The truth is, if you don’t have natural flair for working on technical stuff and handling coding, you won’t just love the idea of designing website by yourself especially when people like us started some several years back.

But website design and development has taken a new shape in our present age. When I was learning website design as far back in 2000/2001, I couldn’t remember any shortcut to design a website then. You simply need to learn how to write HTML. I don’t think Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress has been simplified and developed like we have it now.

The equation then was simple, if you can’t write HTML, outsource the work, if you can’t outsource it, forget about having a website.

You must “dirty” your fingers with some coding and scripting by learning what is known as tags and syntax.

That was then, but now with WordPress, you don’t need to have any idea of HTML or code before you design your own stunning and attractive website or blog without learning any highly technical programming skill.


Design Your Website or Blog In Less 30 Minutes With WordPress

 I really wished WordPress had developed to this level when I started internet marketing but it was not. It was “hard work” creating website in those days. But with WordPress, you can design a blog even in less than 30 minutes.

You won’t believe it.

What you need to know is to understand some few setting which you will do from the control panel of your website and believe me honestly, apart from getting your domain and hosting space, your blog can even be up in 10 minutes. The remaining time you will be spending will be to set other functionalities through plugins and configuring your site or blog the way it pleases you.

You may probably feel like shouting now especially if you have paid so much in the past to design a website. I guess your thinking now will be, “Why do I have to pay so much to design website if it is what I can design by myself?”

You might have paid N50k, N100k, N150k, depending on who is helping you. I am sorry, if you have paid so much before, but what you simply paid for was ignorance.

Now, you need to get yourself out of the hook and start creating your own website and blog.

In fact, you can decide to create 10 websites in a week, it won’t be anything to you if you understand few things you need to setup from a place on your website called Control Panel.

But let me state some of the things you will learn at the workshop:

  1. Basic knowledge of website and blog design
  2. How to get domain name and hosting space for your site.
  3. How to install WordPress on your website
  4. How to change the look of your site or blog with themes
  5. How to power your site or blog with additional functionalities using free and premium plugins
  6. How to use pages, posts, categories and tags on your WordPress site and blog
  7. How to monetize your new blog for regular income
  8. And lots more…

At the end of the training, you would have created your first ever site and blog and start using it from the class, if you desire to.

Make Money From Your Website/Blog Design Knowledge

Do you know that the knowledge you are going to acquire on how to design your own website using WordPress is not just to make you feel cool that you now know how to design a website or a blog? You can actually turn it to cash magnetic skill by designing websites for other people using the same WordPress knowledge while charging them 50k, 100k, 150k and even higher as you want.

We will also tell you how you can help other design their blog and handsomely get rewarded for the work.


Come Prepared With Your Laptop, Internet Connection & Cable Extension Box

This is going to be real practical class. In fact, you are not stepping out of the class until your first blog is online for the entire world to see. Therefore, come well prepared with your laptop, internet connection and cable extension box.

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