Even With Coronavirus Pandemic Bitcoin Is On Profit Ride

Even With Coronavirus Pandemic Bitcoin Is On Profit Ride

Even With Coronavirus Pandemic Bitcoin Is On Profit Ride

It’s been a while.

Yeah, I have been out of circulation for a while. You’ve not read from me lately. I’ve been isolating and quarantining. Seriously, I was not tested positive for COVID-19. Mine was just an opportunity to take some long needed rest from all my regular “hustles”.

I’ve been on the road of Lagos and Ibadan since last year and never had serious time to take a break. This lockdown gave the opportunity. In fact, the best thing now is for every one of us to stay at home and stay safe as the evil virus keeps ravaging our world while we keep praying to God to stop the plague.

The lockdown is affecting people and businesses but there remains a beautiful window of opportunity for those that understand internet business and those that had learned how to trade cryptocurrency. You don’t need to go out to do that. Just work from home with your phone or laptop.

You know that I have been talking about cryptocurrency since. I have been encouraging that people should get into the flow of the crypto trade. In fact, I told some people to invest in bitcoin about three weeks ago that they have the potential of making about 40% of their investment.

So, when everyone is at home now without doing anything as such, some of our people that put their money into cryptocurrency trading has been having their money working hard for them. Interestingly, BTCNGN returns 40% profit today, 6th April 2020 if you have invested into this about 21 days ago.

Let me tell you that you have not seen anything yet with cryptocurrency. The next thing that will happen is just loading. Bitcoin halving will surely come and that will catapult us into never seen and extremely massive profit ever.

For those that have not joined our online class yet, ensure you click the link below to become a member.


We intend to increase our training fee before but with the pandemic issue, we feel like many people should learn how to trade now and maintaining our old training fee is the little we can contribute to anyone interested in learning about cryptocurrency trading at this time.

I will be sharing more details about trading as times goes one. So, stay close to me here.


Please, I will like to let you know that our other services are also on. You can call our customer care line: 08027097030 and we will be ready to assist you for anything you need.

Don’t also forget that you can send SMS on our SMS platform https://clicknreach.com and you can pay for the service instantly online.

To learn more about how ot make payment on ClicknReach, kindly click the link below to watch the video.



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