Ewen Chia Spits the Truth – Must READ!

540_293_resize_20130501_e3500e592072cddae4dce14135469ef5_pngYou see, one of the businesses that I have seen so addictive like cigarette or alcohol is Internet or Online business. Do you know why I said that? I have seen several people passionately desiring to start their own online business with the dream of making it big. They commit time and money and just like an addicted gambler, they remain stick to the belief that if they lose money in the business today or rather in the act of learning how to do it, they will, one day, make it big online working at home or at any place they wish to do the business.

You may not be able to divorce their mindsets from the impact of the juicy and sensational marketing skills of the so called internet marketing gurus who have perfected the act of psychological selling so much that several people that go through the sales copy or listen to their sales video will not be able to sleep until they have brought out their credit cards to purchase the product.

Luckily enough, some would-be internet marketers often had the jail-break. They eventually figure out what it takes to make it online and start smiling to the bank too. But several others tried for years and may eventually abandon the idea when they are almost running out of their hard earn cash. If you are experiencing that now, you are not alone, the presently known internet business expert went through the same ordeal. I did too. I was very confused about what Internet business was all about when I got started before I figured out the real thing.
Recently, I read an email from Ewen Chia. I am a permanent subscriber to his list. And he mentioned how he struggled to make a living online before he got his breakthrough. Now read his account below:

You bet I’ve tried EVERYTHING to make it work and make some money online. EVERYTHING.

I’ve done downline clubs, MLMs, traffic exchanges, safelists, auto surf programs, classified ads, casinos, ebay, blogging, site flipping and even some others I wouldn’t dare to mention in this email.

Guess what? Most, if not none of them made me money.

They just caused me more confusion, time, paid and misunderstanding with my family when all I wanted was to earn extra income online and make life better for everyone.

My personal breakthrough came in the year 2002 when I started doing and focusing on just ONE simple method of internet marketing…which I’m still doing today.

This single method has been responsible for turning failure into success, making me my first dollar, first hundred dollars, first thousand dollars, first ten thousand dollars, first hundred thousand dollars and yes… MY FIRST MILLION ONLINE.
The method is none other than EMAIL MARKETING.

When I read that, I knew that Ewen Chia just spoke the truth and nothing but the truth because I am a witness too.

Email marketing is simply the bedrock of the present online business we are giving to people. That was the same idea I mentioned at my seminar last year September when I spoke on  “How to Instantly Generate Emergency Cash” but this time around with a difference and with some powerful tweaks.

In fact, we have upgraded the email marketing and added SMS marketing in a unique way that bring you fast result than you could ever think of. People responded to SMS 70% faster than they do with email especially if you are targeting Nigerians because their phone is always with them. SMS is delivered to the palm of your subscribers whether their phones are smartphones or not.

Having tested and see the power of the system I just talked about now, we couldn’t give it a better name than MagicResponder. If you need a magical tool to transform your business into a money making machine and which is able to help you build a massive list of loyal customers, then, try MagicResponder today!

Can you now imagine us giving you practically a workable online system that you can start your online business with without wasting several years to figure out what to do? I mean a system that;
1. Combine the power of both email and SMS marketing and deliver a magical business breakthrough to you within the shortest time you can dream of.
2. Give you several hot services that are in demands and that people are ready to pay for.
3. Remove all the guess work and get you started while helping you to establish a long and lasting business.
4. Give you quality business and technical support with million dollar worth of training that ensure you don’t fail in your new business.

If you check critically around, you will hardly see such a service that will give you this type of a system with a high level of support as we do. This service from us is nothing but novelty! You don’t want to miss this life-time opportunity and I will like you to jump in right away. Just click the link below to download full details about this service:


You may wonder what your system will look like, just see some samples of the quality of how your website will look like here:

The site above is just our demo site for this program. You can register there and see how the site works, but it is not functioning, it is only for the service’s development. So, do not use it. If you need to use the MagicResponder and our other services, check out http://clicknreach.com.

See other possible templates for your customised website:
Template 1
Template 2
Template 3
Template 4
Template 5

When we are through with your website development, we will show you how to use it to create massive mailing list with MagicResponder. So, what are you still waiting for? Get the detailed idea here and subscribe TODAY!


About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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