Excitement As Some of Our Students Got CBN Loan Form For Their Multi-Million Businesses

Yeah, this past week got us achieving a milestone in our outreach of speading the good news of CBN business fund opportunity known as Agribusiness Small Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS).

Some of our students got the AGSMEIS Loan forms to get fund for their businesses. Some of the funds applied for ranges from N2.5millions to N5mllions. Below are the pictures of two of our students after filling the forms to be submitted to the AGSMEIS office for processing.

Dr. Emmanso Umobong

Dr. Emmanso Umobong with his AGSMEIS Loan Form. (Dr.Umobong is our in-house Medical Doctor, if you have been following me, you would have read a lot about him from our platform)


Mrs. Favour Oladeji

Mrs. Favour Oladeji with her AGSMEIS Loan Form

Yes, we have done our part, they have worked on their business plans and we are confidence that by God’s grace, they would be rewarded with the fund to boost their businesses.

I want to say that the opportunity is still there for you too to grab. Do you understand that over 40 billion naira is safely kept in an account with CBN for those that are interested in business like you?

The first step is for you to understand what is involved and how you can gain access to the funding window that is widely open to all Nigerians. If you have not registered to know more, I want you to click the link below to get started immediately.


Don’t leave the opportunity to few individuals that just applied, you too can be a beneficiary.

In fact, with these funds, I am confidence that it will help us to re-start our Agric Project and get MeritChoice Agric Villa working as we have projected. You see, we had a big dream precisely in 2015 to build a great agric settlement that will be a centre of attraction in Nigeria and to the world.

We got some acres of land to start the agric project but we got stuck at a point for lack of fund. But with CBN Loan which is focusing on Agribusiness it is time to return to the project. Other funds windows are also showing up.

In fact, members that have land at MeritChoice Agric Villa can start doing something even if it is small by accessing some funds that we are having through Loan Mentorship Forum (LMF).

Therefore, from now and throughout the month of May 2019, we shall be selling land at Agric Villa for those that are interested in agribusiness. We have two main projects that we are starting immediately at Agric Villa.

  1. We are starting our Real Estate at the place – It means, you can buy land and start building your house at the place.
  2. We are starting piggery agribusiness.

The reason we are starting with build houses or what you can call your farm house is because it is a good idea for you to stay close to your farm. With that, it will be easy to monitor the project.

We are also taking up piggery as our initial project because I have some of our members that are very much interested in that aspect. Though, we have commenced Beekeeping and Honey Production already.

I will be telling you more about this project with time. A plot of land at the Villa is currently going for N65,000.00. It is good for you to be part of it now because the price will be going up by the end of May, 2019.

I will give you more information about this soon. But for now, I want to advice you to learn more about the CBN loan so that it will be possible for you to access fund for your next multi-million agribusiness project, if that has been your interest and desire.




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